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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Winona Ryder Online was born a long long time ago.
It used to be a portuguese site, hosted in a free server, with some information about Noni and her career, and it was named “Just Noni”. I (Luciana) had some problems with my old host and forgot about the site.
But since I found the, I thought about making a Noni site again and decided reopening it.

Back in 2005, I’ve needed to be offline due my pregnancy. Mariana, a good friend, took the site and started running it with Jen as co-webmistress. They ran the site for a year and Mima took place as webmistress. When I came back online, in 2006, Mima asked me to take the site back, and since then, I’m running it by myself.

Name:, aka Winona Forever. This site an continuation of my old Winona fansite, Just Noni. It was named “Winona Online” until I changed it, in 2009.
The Domain: Was bought by Mima and renoved by Gertie in February 2006. The media domain,, was bought by me in April 08 and last until 2009.
Date Started: Winona Online, March 30, 2004.

This site is not official. We don’t have any connection with Noni or her management. We’re just fans, making a website to show our support for this talented actress. Don’t send any e-mails to Winona, because she won’t receive them. They will only be deleted.


Luciana – My name is Luciana, and I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m married and have two kids: a 10 years old daughter and a 5 year baby boy. I love cinema and movies, and love make websites. Making a website is my way to show my love and support for the actor’s work, and it’s my favorite hobby.

Besides Winona, my favorite actresses are Sandra Bullock, Juliette Lewis, Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Piper Perabo, Nicole Kidman, Neve Campbell, and the brazilians Fernanda Montenegro, Claudia Abreu, Camila Morgado, Marilia Pêra.
My favorite actors are Keanu Reves, River Phoenix, Johnny Depp, Henry Cavill, Ethan Hawke, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Edward Norton, Tom Hanks, Gael García Bernal and the brazilians Rodrigo Santoro, Selton Mello, Bruno Garcia, Matheus Nachtergaele and Wagner Moura.
My favorite Noni’s movies are Edward Scissorhands, Mermaids, Girl Interrupted, The Age of Innocence, Bettlejuice.

Last edited June 2011