Thursday, May 8, 2008

Are you Winona Ryder? Is this her official website?
No. We are not Winona Ryder and we have no official affiliation with her or her management. We are just fans showing appreciation to an actress whom we admire a great deal.

If I email you, will it reach Winona?
No, it will not. Sorry, but all email directed to Winona will simply be deleted. As much as we’d like, we are simply unable to help you reach her.

Does Winona have a fanmail address?
I have two mail addresses, but I don’t know if it works. But you always can try:

Winona Ryder
C/O PMK 955 S.
Carillo Dr., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA
90048 USA

When writing, please include a properly stamped and self addressed envelope (US) or several International Reply Coupons (international) if you are hoping for a reply. But please keep in mind that Ms. Ryder is a busy lady – don’t get your hopes up on hearing back, at least anytime soon.

HELP! I am not able to log-in to the gallery/forum!
Please do not hesitate to contact us but no not forget to include your registered username and email address. This will help us solve the problem much faster.

Can I purchase an image from your gallery to be used in a magazine?
No. We do not own the copyrights to any of the images in our gallery and we are unable to help you purchase them.

Can I contribute articles, news, facts, quotes, photos to the site, or help you out in any ways?
I love it when people help me out! You can help out in the form of donations, which is anything from wallpapers to screencaps, and all original artwork. Please contact us and you will receive full credit and our gratitude.

Can I use your pictures?
Feel free to use our pictures, wallpapers and icons for personal use. You can freely save them, print them out and decorate your walls with them.
Using pictures on your websites is another case then – ninety percent of the images in the gallery have been either capped, scanned and bought by the staff of the site (or either sent directly to us), after very hard work and dedication. Please respect that.
If you want to use an image or few on your site, go head and email us first and we are most likely to say yes, if you will give us proper credit. You may not remove the tags in any cases, nor take hundreds of them. And DO NOT direct link, save this image in your computer, then upload in your own server space, or use a free upload service.

Can you make me a layout?
Unfortunately my internet time is very limited, so unfortunately we can’t help you with that.

Do you get paid for this site?
Not at all. We do this to purely show appreciation, pay tribute to a wonderful actress and because I love doing this.

How do you pick what to post on this site?
Again, we respect the privacy of Miss Ryder, and will not post anything that seems like cheap gossip or trashy journalism, which includes paparazzi photos where she looks unconfortable with.