Another Exclusive Update – Part 04

And yet again, more of that exclusive photoshoot were added. 70+ new photos were added, you can check in our gallery.

Upcoming Event: Nigel Goodall guest post

I think you may have been heard about Nigel Goodall. He’s the author of “Winona Ryder: The Biography“, published in 1998 (I use a brief excerpt of it on our biography page). So, he will be celebrating 20 years of publishing this year, and he’ll be doing a guest post here at Winona Forever between now and September as part of the celebration.

I’m sure he’ll have some great histories to tell us. Stay tuned! And be sure to visit Nigell on his official Facebook account and his official website.

Gallery Updates: 2000 Events

I added near 200 new HQ pictures in the gallery, with events Winona attended in 2000. All albums were updated, but the U2 concert at FarmClub, this ones were all replaced with HQ versions.

Exclusive Photoshoot – Part 03

More pictures of set #43 are now added to the gallery. It’s the third batch containing 57 gorgeous HQ pictures.

Please give us a link back and don’t cut the tags if re-posting. More of this photoshoot will be posted soon.

“Film Society Tribute to Scorcese” and more…

I added near 60 new pictures of Winona attending the Film Society Tribute to Scorcese, back in 1998. The same year, with a similar look, Winona attended the opening of NY Film Festival, for the “Celebrity” premiere, and you’ll find near 30 pictures of this event. And also in 1998 I found some pictures I can’t recognize the event, but you’ll find it in our gallery. All pictures are HQ sized.

“Eyes Wide Shut” Premiere, 1999

New pictures of “Eyes Wide Shut” premiere, done in 1999, was added to the gallery. Also more pictures of 1998 events was also added, and now we’re close to 2000’s pictures.

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