Winona joining “Olympus Has Falling”

I’ve been reading about this film for a while and we got some news today that Winona joined it.

The movie, which is being directed by Antoine Fuqua, begins shooting this week in Shreveport, La., with a cast that includes Gerry Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Angela Bassett, Cole Hauser, Radha Mitchell, Melissa Leo, Robert Forster and Rick Yune.

Butler is playing an unlikely Secret Service agent trying to stop Korean terrorists who have taken over the White House and take the president (Eckhart) hostage. Winona is reported to play the first lady. Forrester will play a high-ranking general who is forced to deal with the nuke-loving terrorists.

It seems Winona replaced Ashley Judd, who was going to do the First Lady part.

Thanks, as always, to Chris B for the heads up.

“The Letter” Trailer

Finally “The Letter” trailer is now online, and you can watch it below:

Thanks to Michael D, Zerik and Chris B for the heads up!

“The Iceman” Updates

According to director (and producer) Ariel Vromen, they had a test screening on the movie and it will just need a month to have the movie finished. He also announced the “The Iceman” got officially selected to both Venice film festival and Toronto Film Festival.

Sumatra Film official page has already a link to what may be an upcoming test scene/trailer for the movie. It’s directing us to a 404 page, but it worth checking it on weekly basis for some trailer news.

“The Letter” DVD Release Date

The Letter will be released on DVD next September 25th.

Martine Jamison (Winona Ryder) is a NY theatre director beginning rehearsals for a new play starring her boyfriend opposite a young beauty. As rehearsals continue, Martine has periods of disorientation that quickly deteriorate into vivid hallucinations as she becomes convinced Raymond is trying to poison her. As Martine’s mental state devolves, she begins to rewrite her play…and art and life become inseparable.

Source via Steviebow.

“Frankenweenie” Comic-Con Panel

The Disney panel it still going, but Frankenweenie was just presented. While following it through Twitter I was able to catch a few parts of the panel:

@empiremagazine: ’50s style narration and music for Frankenweenie promo. Good stuff…
@empiremagazine: Burton on the original Frankenweenie. “I was a very bad animator. So they gave me a short. I had to learn to talk to actors.”
@empiremagazine: Amazing Frankenweenie clip, featuring a lecture on lightning from a nutjob science teacher. We’re loving the feel of this thing – Chris

Let’s hope the clip can surface soon.

Comic-Con 2012: Thursday Schedule

While checking the official Comic-Con website I saw the official schedule for this year, and Frankenweenie will have it’s panel on Thursday, July 12.

2:05-3:05 Walt Disney Studios: Frankenweenie, Oz The Great and Powerful, and Wreck-it Ralph— Walt Disney Studios hosts a Q&A panel featuring the imaginative director of Frankenweenie, Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland); a special look at the world of Oz The Great and Powerful with director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man trilogy); and the illustrious voice cast of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Wreck-It Ralph, including John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) and Sarah Silverman (The Sarah Silverman Program), and director Rich Moore (Futurama). Hall H

As you can see, no word if Winona will attend it.

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