Sundance: “The Darwin Awards” Premiere

I’ve added new pictures of Winona at Sundance for the premiere of “The Darwin Awards”. Keep checking back,we will keep adding more as they appear.Click the bolded link to view the gallery.

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There’s also a new gallery layout. smile

New Layout

We hope everyone likes the new layout!Huge thanks to
Mycah & Mary.

Don’t forget Winona’s new film “The Darwin Awards” will premiere tomorrow at Sundance in the Eccles Theatre.Hopefully we’ll get some new pictures from the event. wink

HQ’s & Site Content

Nine new high qualites of Winona from The Vagina Monologues have been uploaded.Thank you to Josan for a few!

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I’ve also added new content under the Winona Ryder Information section:
Funny Faces & Look-Alikes.
More content coming soon in all sections of the

“Looking For Richard” DVD Caps

I made screen captures from “Looking For Richard”. Enjoy! smile

Trailer Captures

I’ve added the trailer screencaptures from A Scanner Darkly. tongue Check them out Here.

1989, 1990 & 1991 events

Yay, this is our first “real update” since Jen and I took over Winona Online!

I’ve added photos of old events to the gallery:

  • 1x 61st Annual Academy Awards (Los Angeles) – March 29, 1989 (HQ)
  • 2x “Great Balls of Fire” Premiere – June 26, 1989 (HQ)
  • 10x Showest 1990 (Las Vegas) – February 8, 1990 (HQ)
  • 1x “Pacific Heights” Premiere (Los Angeles) – September 24, 1990 (HQ)
  • 4x “Edward Scissorhands” Premiere (Los Angeles) – December 6, 1990 (HQ)
  • 3x “Mermaids” Premiere (Beverly Hills) – December 10, 1990 (HQ)
  • 3x 48th Annual Golden Globe Awards (Beverly Hills) – January 19, 1991 (HQ)


    A Scanner Darkly – Stills
    A Scanner Darkly – Posters
    The Darwin Awards – Stills
    3x photos of Winona in high school

    Keep checking back because we still have a lot of stuff to add! And don’t forget to comment! wink

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