“I love America. Don’t You?”

I added photos from Michel Haddi’s book “I love America. Don’t You?”. Like most of you probably know, he’s a French photographer who lived in New York for many years and got to photograph many celebrities, including Winona. He currently resides in Paris, and published a 260-page book in Europe by One Eyed Jacks Publishing Ltd (which is based in London) with photos from his work in the US.

Exclusive video

I opened a new media section dedicated to video clips encoded by ourselves. It won’t be anything huge but we’ll be adding some stuff whenever it’s possible. You already have some other great sources for that, such as the very complete Winona Ryder Media Center.

We have yet to work on the other sections of the site because they weren’t made by ourselves and there’s a lot to change or update. Be patient! 🙂 Jen and I will be working on it whenever we can (or feel like it lol). 😉

Anyway, the first video I encoded from one of my DVD is Winona’s tiny role in “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things”. It’s only 2:17 minutes long but it’s worth checking out, especially because the movie didn’t get released in many countries. At least not yet.

EDIT: Working and tested! 🙂

Party time

The gallery is now open to everyone. No registration required, unless you want to comment on the pics, which is always cool. So there’s no need to hotlink! :p

I added 4 new pics of Winona having a blast at Sundance. Click on the thumbnails to proceed.

I’ve also added 2 pics from a black and white retrospective of Sundance by Chris Weeks.


I’ve added 3 candids of Winona in Los Angeles from July 19th,2005.

View Gallery?

“Walk The Line” private party

Winona attended a private party to celebrate the success of “Walk The Line” last Saturday night. You can view 3 photos of her arrival in the gallery.

“Mr. Deeds”: On-set pics

  • 5x On Set (Rockfeller Plaza, New York) – May 18, 2001
  • 10x On Set (St Patrick’s Cathedral, New York) – May 20, 2001
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