If only those sexy rumors were true

Sunday, Jul 6, 2014

Toronto Sun, January 5 1995

If only those sexy rumors were true

By Bruce Kirkland

HOLLYWOOD — IN HER DREAMS: When it comes to gossip about her love life, Winona Ryder says the only trouble with most of the malicious lies she hears is that they’re not true – and she wishes some of them were.

Ryder, an intensely private actress who was once engaged to Johnny Depp and now is being touted as an Oscar candidate for the current Little Women, claims she doesn’t read the stuff written about her: “I don’t read the tabloids. It’s soooo boring. To pay attention to it at all is to feed it, and I just choose not to feed it.”

But she admits she does know what is being written about her presumed sexcapades. “That’s always nice! Other than that, I’m just really not interested in it.” She grins, a rare moment in any interview with this very serious young woman.

“Hey, there have been some great rumors about me that haven’t been true that I wished were true. Gawd! Some of the affairs I’ve apparently had! IF ONLY!”

She doesn’t name names, but it’s the thought that counts.

Meanwhile, although she is dating Soul Asylum rocker Dave Pirner, she says that rumors of their engagement are just more lies. Like many Hollywood stars, the 23-year-old Ryder is confused by the public’s – and her own – fascination with gossip.

“I mean, it’s scary. It kind of gives me the creeps. At the same time, I’m really interested in some people that I don’t know. I understand it to a certain extent. But you can’t understand it when it’s about yourself.”

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