Contact Winona

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Get in touch with Noni.
Now, I cannot gurantee that the addresses below are still correct for Winona nor I know if she personally reads the letters. If you will try to approach her, please let us know how it goes. Did you get anything back? Please let us know. Thank you.

Some Fan-Mail Tips

  • It goes without saying that your letter should be written in a very polite tone. Do not write anything that could be considered offensive. Choose your words carefully.
  • Read your letter carefully and make sure it doesn’t contain any typos or spelling errors. Spelling errors may easily ruin the presentation.
  • Please keep in mind that Winona is a very busy woman. Be concise, positive and original, and try to focus on the most important things you want to say.
  • Always enclose a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE): The SASE can be used as a return envelope for Winona’s reply (if any). If you send along your own item for her to sign, make sure the SASE (with the correct postage amount) is large enough for the item.
  • If you don’t send her an item to sign, she might send you a pre-printed photograph. What’s the difference between a pre-printed, signed photo and a signed photo? The pre-printed photo is a mass-duplicated photo which has been copied from a signed photo (but the signature is still authentic, of course). If you send her your own item to sign however, the signature will be unique.
  • Keep in mind that if you order a signed photo from an autograph dealer, you might risk getting a photo with a faked autograph (despite authenticity ‘guarantees’). If you’re really interested in a genuine autograph, it’s worth spending some time and money by sending a letter to Winona herself (which may be even cheaper than buying through dealers). At the same time you’ll let her know that you appreciate her.
  • It may take several months before you get a reply, if any.

Winona Ryder
C/O PMK 955 S.
Carillo Dr., Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA
90048 USA
350 Park Avenue 9th floor
New York, NY
10022 USA