Water Pills

Character: Carrie

Directed by: Blake Soper

Written by: Blake Soper

Cast Members: Jasmine Jessica Anthony, Garret Dillahunt

Release date: April 1, 2009

Genre: Short, Drama

Carrie, a desperate show mother puts all of her hopes and dreams of success on her daughter Lily, an aspiring actress. Things are looking good for the duo when Lily gets a call back for a feature film. Even though the aspirations of fame are her mothers and not her own, the young girl shows her own determination and drive when it’s needed. Conflict arises when Carrie’s boyfriend calls and asks her to come home. Without any consideration for her daughter, Carrie starts packing. Lily is forced to make a decision: abandon potential success for her pill-popping mom or strike out on her own and fend for herself.

Script developed by Never Enough Design