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Hey there!

Friday, Mar 23, 2007

Yeah, this is the temporary version of Winona Online. We’re updating the whole content, and changing layouts and other features, so you will find this version for the next days. But don’t worry, the full site will be back soon.

To prevent spammers and some problems, I’ve changed the news system. All previous posts will be found in a separated page.

New Forum!

Sunday, Mar 4, 2007

Hey there! Winona Online now has a forum, for discuss and chat about Noni!
Register yourself, it’s faster and free.


Minor updates

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2006

I have finally finished the projects section, if you want me to add other projects like comercials and work on stage let me know.

I added the forum a little earlier but I forgot to post about it, so everyone head over there and introduce yourself!

Videos section got addition of Winona’s appearances on music videos so go over and download some.

I might have added something else aswell but I am so sick with the flu that I can’t think straight…