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Support Christina Applegate

Sunday, Aug 10, 2008

Christina Applegate, Emmy award winning actress and star of Married with Children and Samantha Who? has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She is expected to make a full recovery, but a star has been created in her honor at Stand Up 2 Cancer and if you want to do more to help the cause and help stop cancer, please consider donating in her honor!

You can donate as much as you want and you can do so by clicking here. Please help spread the word about this – since Christina has entertained and inspired us all these years, it’s our turn to give back!

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Friday, Aug 1, 2008

Well, there’s nothing new on Winonaland lately. The “Star Trek” cast poster has been released at Comic-Con, but without Winona in it.

So, JD and Titoons, our 5 star posters, are inviting you to join them at our community, here: Registering is pretty faster and easier.

What are you waiting for?

Site of the month

Wednesday, Jul 2, 2008

Another month, another site to our spotlight.

You all know Mr. Al Pacino. If you don’t know him through his extensive career (what I really think it’s impossible), you might know him from S1m0ne, or Looking for Richard, where Winona and Al worked together. So, he don’t need any presentation, but he needs a website dedicated to him.

Pacino Corner is a newest site, mantained by my good friend Nathalia, and in a few months it becomes a great resource dedicated to Mr. Pacino. Definitely worth a visit.

Gallery login

Saturday, Jun 28, 2008

I received some emails asking about the gallery login. You may have noticed that I added a “captcha” thing, to prevent spammers. This is because I was tired about deleting some spams comments, and really would like to leave the comments function activated.

The captcha looks like this:

and you need to add the letters into this space:

So, if you’re having problems in login, be sure that you’re inserting the letters that’s being showed in the login form. Thank you!

A few reminders

Sunday, Jun 1, 2008

The forum has,also again, a new theme. I found this one and it looks pretty. So, register and start to chat

Our Library is always being updated, the “news” articles aren’t appearing in the first page because they’re archived by date. Unfortunally there’s no sign indicating new articles, but you can always browse around. I’l also accepting help with this section, so if you have any article, interview, review or ANYTHING you think it can be added, please contact me.

Also, I’ve started to work – again – in our filmography section. So I just insert some really quick overview in all movies, while I work in the full content.

If you visit Winona Online a few time, you can noticed that I used to feature some sites at month. I really like to do this, because I can point my visitors to some of my favorite sites around. I’ve stopped this a few months ago, but since last month I’m doing this again, and now we have a section specially to my monthly choices. This month’s choice is Confessions of Christina Ricci, the longest and greatest site dedicated to Miss Ricci online. It’s worthwhile to do a visit.

Our forum is back!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally I’ve had some time to change the forum’s theme, and clean some spammers visit. Our forum isn’t very popular and there’s just some posts, and I was going to delete it. But I changed my mind and now I count with you to make it a funny place to chat.

I used a image that I really like, from “Lost Souls”. Maybe you don’t remember but this image was also used for a layout to the main site once. Yeah, I love it. I hope you like the new theme.

Well, registering is free, and posting, too. So, register and start to chat.