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Star Trek World Tour

Monday, Apr 13, 2009

The world tour to promoting Star Trek has just beginning in Australia latest April 07 (Auckland and Kwait was already visited). I don’t expect to see Winona in any premiere than Los Angeles (maybe), but we’ll stay tuned.

Cities to be visited include:
– London, England
– Berlin, Germany
– Paris, France
– Madrid, Spain
– New York, New York
– Los Angeles, California
– Tokyo, Japan

Of course, if you want to follow any no-Winona updates regarding Star Trek, you can take a visit to my other site,

An update regarding our gallery. The domain has expired, and I decided not renew it since it’s not necessary. To visit our gallery, please go to GALLERY.WINONA-RYDER.ORG. All pictures are still there, just the url has changed. Thanks and my apologies for any inconvenience.

New theme

Monday, Mar 9, 2009

As you can see, we have a new theme here. As much I loved the previous one, it was time to change. And I was looking for something more specific, easy to browse and good to the eyes .
Since the site is full powered by WordPress, nothing better that having a good theme, with all options in hands. I hope you like it.

More updates are coming, specially to the site. I’m sorting some new pictures I found to add to the gallery, as so new screencaptures. Stay tuned!

Winona Ryder: Best of 2008

Saturday, Jan 3, 2009

Compiled by myself to Please feel free to post your own choices here or at the forum. 😉

Best News: All movie related news, since Winona appearing in both “Star Trek” and “The Informers” trailers.

Worst News: The incident with Marie Claire jewelry. (view entry)

Favorite Event Look:

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Happy Holidays season!

Wednesday, Dec 24, 2008

I would like to wish to Winona and all his fans and visitors a great Christmas and a excellent holidays season with peace, love and health.

Lack of updates

Sunday, Oct 12, 2008

I’m sorry about the lack of updates here. I got a viruses in my computer and just now I was able to fix everything.

Also, after receiving more than 2000 spam mails in my inbox, I’m changing emails here. The email is no longer available, if you want to contact me, please use the webform. Thank you.

The updates will be coming soon. I just need a couple days to finish installing everything here. Thank you.

A small update

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

Just to let you know, the new theme is with some wordpress errors, and I’m working to fix everything soon.
All wordpress erroes was fixed! I REALLY like that you report any error to me, please! I’ve coded this layout without using tables, to be view in any resolution, so please report me any bug, error… anything! Thanks!

Also, I added 50 HQ pictures from Stay Cool set, that shoot it’s SO beautiful that really deserves HQ pictures.

Stay Cool (2009) Set pictures – August 13 *Updated!