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Winona Attends Netflix’s Summer TCA Press

Yesterday Winona attended the 2016 Television Critics Association Summer Tour in Beverly Hills during the Netflix presentation of her show Stranger Things.

She was joined by series creators Matt and Ross Duffer, along stars Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin to discuss the breakout hit’s success as well as plans for any future seasons.

According to the creators, a second season is a sure thing, but no date will be announced since Netflix want’s to keep the buzz around the first season.

Ryder talked at length about her own career, transitioning from a child actress to adult roles. “My 30s were a little bit tough,” she admitted. “But the last few years I did a few things I was proud of,” singling out “Show Me a Hero.”

She said she initially scared by her first foray into the genre format. But “I adjusted my perspective and used my own confusion to try to figure what was going on for my character,” she said. “The reaction has been completely overwhelming in the best possible way. I don’t think I was expecting it.” Winona is not on social media, as she pointed during the press, but she’s aware of everything going on internet: “I have a good system: My parents read everything and forward me the best stuff.”

When you’re talking to lamps… after a while that you’re just praying it works,” she said. “The way they brought these storylines together so beautifully. It was falling in love with it all over again.”

Ryder said she had a lot of compassion for Joyce. “I did see her as someone who wasn’t perfect,” she said. “She was complicated, struggling. She carried a lot of guilt that she was leaning on her older son. Like a lot of women I know she was trying the best she can to get by. I appreciated her flaws… There’s nothing cookie-cutter or perfect about her. [And] she reacts quite appropriately to these insane things that are happening.”

Ryder also had some advice for her young co-stars: “The work is the reward,” she said. “The attention and the love is so great. I want everyone to feel it and savor it and they so deserve it. But also remember the work itself.”

As for those lights, she called filming those scenes the most challenging. “Those lights were like my rosebud,” she said. “I don’t think I knew it at the time.”

Photos wasn’t allowed during the panel, but Netflix released two official photos with Winona on it. Check it:

Winona Discusses her “Stranger Things” Role in a New Featurette

Netflix released a new featurette for Stranger Things, in which Winona discusses her character, Joyce Byers.

I know a lot of women like that, who are good people but they struggle,” Ryder said of her character.

I like that there are sort of different story lines. You really don’t know what is around the corner or what is going to happen,” added Ryder. “It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together and it’s fun to watch.

Executive producer Shawn Levy said Ryder fit the bill for the challenging role. “You need someone who can wretch up the emotional urgency and yet find layers and nuance and different sides of this character,” he said.

I was grateful that they trusted that I could get to those places,” Ryder said.

“Stranger Things” is executive produced by Levy, the Duffer Brothers and Dan Cohen. It’s currently streaming worldwide on Netflix.

The Weirdo on Maple Street – “Stranger Things” Screencaptures

The Weirdo on Maple Street – “Stranger Things” Screencaptures

Following our Stranger Things screencaptures updates, here’s the Winona scenes from episode 2, The Weirdo on Maple Street.

Additional ‘Stranger Things’ Premiere Pictures

The gallery was updated with over 190 HQ additional pictures of Winona attending the Stranger Things premiere last July 11:

(Scans) Télé Obs, July 9

Updated the gallery with digital scans of French magazine Télé Obs, issue July 9-15, promoting Stranger Things.

Stranger Things’ Shawn Levy talks Winona Ryder and Season 2

Stranger Things’ Shawn Levy talks Winona Ryder and Season 2

Shawn Levy, the Executive Producer of Netflix’ Stranger Things, talked this week with Evening Standard about the show, including Winona and, of course, plans of a second season. Check some excerpts:

How should people watch Stranger Things – do you want people to binge it, or take their time?
I’ll be amazed if people have the fortitude to take their time with Stranger Things. If they can watch an episode every several days, we’ve probably failed.
We knew we were making this for Netflix, they were our first choice, they bought it on the first day of pitching. While it’s not necessary to binge it, we made, in our minds, an eight-hour movie. Take some breaks for nutrition and bathroom breaks – but we very much made these episodes so that they could be watched, if not full-on binged, in a concentrated period of time.

It’s so great to see Winona Ryder back on the screen – what made you choose her for the role of Joyce Byers?
It might be generationally appropriate to have Winona, but truly we cast her because we knew this was a harrowing role. We knew this role would require an actress going to dark places, and Winona has access to those depths.

She is a lovely, emotional, feeling person, and she dove into this part, even though she barely understood what streaming platforms were.

She’s such an absolute pro that once she got her head around the writing, getting her to the performance did not take a lot of work. She delivers, that’s what pros do. They prepare, and then they show up and deliver, and she is of that ilk.

Were there any parts she’s played in the past that made you think of her for Joyce?
You know, Winona’s got these eyes. They’re like giant pools of emotion.

Joyce Byers is the emotional centre of the series. Her pain and her anguish is like an anchor for the show. Winona, whether it’s Reality Bites or Edward Scissorhands, her eyes are so uniquely expressive.

We wanted to lean in to that, it’s why we really created a character that goes to dark, deep, emotional places, because we knew Winona could do it.

Would Season 2 continue the central mystery of Season 1, or would it put the characters in a new situation?
The latter. The main mysteries, i.e. what happened to Will Byers, is solved by the end of Season 1. Please don’t make me say more!

We don’t even know officially that we’ve got a Season 2, but we are very hopeful, and we built the show so that we can pivot right into a second adventure.

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