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Two movies captures!

Hi. I’ll be helping Luciana with the site. I also run Kate Winslet Fan and Camilla Belle Fan. 🙂

Today I capped the two Oscar nominated Winona performances:

• 159 captures from The Age Of Innocence
• 372 captures from Little Women

Gallery addictions

  • Scan from Elle, November 2006 – I LOVE this scan!
  • Scan from Premiere, April 2007
  • Photoshoot from The Ten, Winona and Paul Rudd.
  • Spirit Awards & Robert Wilson

    Hey there!
    Here is Luciana. I’m really glad to be back at Winona Online. I would like to thank Mima for letting me own this site again. Thanks dear!

    To celebrate, I uploaded some pictures from February events:

    Age of Innocence

    I added screencaps of Winona in The Age of Innocence. Enjoy!

    Premiere of Absolute Wilson

    Hi my name is Nick and Im going to be helping out with the site and adding pictures. Today I added pictures from Premiere of a HBO Documentary Film “Absolute Wilson” with a few mq’s but mostly hq’s. Enjoy! And once again Happy Birthday Winona!

    Film x 3

    I have added Screencaptures from the following:
    Alien Resurrection + DVD Extras
    Lost Souls + DVD Extras

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