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Ryder’s parents refused to let her wed Depp

Monday, Jul 30, 2007

Winona Ryder would have wed ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp if her parents hadn’t put an end to wedding talk.

In a new interview with Vogue magazine, the actress and her father, Michael Horowitz, discuss the Heathers star’s romance with Depp. And, although the family loved their daughter’s Edward Scissorhands co-star, they disapproved of the couple’s wedding plans.

In the article, Horowitz says, “They were the hottest couple in the United States at that time, like Brad (Pitt) and Angelina (Jolie)… You guys were cool.”

But Ryder recalls, “You stopped a wedding.”

The actress’ father responds, “We loved Johnny but you were 17.”

He later asks, “Was Johnny angry at us for stopping the wedding? We had dinner soon after, and I didn’t get a bad vibe.”

‘Hope I haven’t met’ Mr. Right yet

Monday, Jul 23, 2007 – Winona Ryder is not where she thought she’d be at this time in her life.

“I think I assumed I would be married and have a kid by the age I am now,” the 35-year-old actress told Vogue magazine.

“It kind of occurred to me for the first time last year: I actually want to go on and have kids.” Ryder, who has dated such studs as Johnny Depp and Matt Damon, claims she has yet to meet the one.

“You know how people ask, ‘Who is the love of your life?’ God, I hope I haven’t met that person yet, in a way, because I’m single,” she said. “I hope I haven’t had that, since that would be sad.”

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, Oct 29, 2006

Winona Online wishes Ms. Ryder happy birthday! Congratulations!

Depp’s Exes Unite

Friday, Sep 15, 2006

With two of his more famous ex-girlfriends shopping around the city arm-in-arm, Johnny Depp should probably avoid New York right now. Kate Moss and Winona Ryder were spotted perusing the racks at Marc Jacobs in NYC, clinging to each other as they walked through the store. While Moss looked amazing in a short black dress and flashy leopard jacket, Winona was a bit more incognito, hiding under a cap and big sunglasses… Continue Reading