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“Stay Cool” announced for Tribeca Festival competition

From Variety:

The Tribeca Film Festival has unveiled a dramatically smaller lineup for its eighth edition, with its 86 feature films repping a 28% decline from last year’s fest.

The two main competition sections, World Narrative and Documentary, are holding steady with 12 films each. On Monday, organizers unveiled full lineups for both, plus the 14 titles in the Discovery section.

The remainder of the fest lineup will be announced in the coming days.

Tribeca kicks off with Woody Allen’s “Whatever Works” on April 22 and runs through May 3.

Third Star Trek Trailer Announced

Source: Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures announced today that a third trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is planned to be in theaters starting on Friday, March 6th with Watchmen.

The trailer, which features brand new footage, will also be online on Trailers in HD starting on the morning of 3/9 and thereafter on the official site.

Star Trek, starring John Cho, Ben Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Winona Ryder, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, Eric Bana and Leonard Nimoy, arrives in theaters on May 8.

Winona Jewel Heist Mystery

A hugely expensive bracelet on loan to Winona Ryder has gone missing in Spain, but it’s Winona who feels like the victim.

Here’s the lowdown. Winona was in Madrid Sunday for a Marie Claire event. Marie Claire had given Winona a Bulgari bracelet and a ring to wear, worth $125,000. She also got a dress, shoes and some other stuff to wear to the shindig.

After Winona left Madrid, the bracelet and ring turned up missing. There’s a report in a French magazine saying Winona claimed she went to the front desk at the hotel and gave the jewelry to the front desk, but the surveillance cam doesn’t show her doing that. The intimation — Winona stole the bling.

In fact, we know what happened. The morning after the event, around 6:00 AM, Winona checked out of the hotel. No one from Marie Claire was around to collect the stuff, so she left everything in her hotel room.

Our sources confirm the bracelet and ring did indeed turn up missing — the dress and other stuff weren’t taken. We’re told Winona never said she had taken the jewels to the front desk, and whoever planted the story may be covering up for someone who had access to the room after she left.

So far, Winona has not been contacted by the police.

Source: TMZ

More regarding Winona’s illness

At the first place, this was NOT confirmed by her assistant. So, may be true or a simply especulation of newspapers trying to get some hit traffic.

The DailyMail has some pictures of Winona before boarding yesterday, still in LAX airport.

According to this publication, Ryder is thought to have collapsed twice on board the transatlantic BA flight after taking too many Xantax pills for anxiety. She is known to be afraid of flying and it is suggested she took the tranquilisers to calm her nerves.

She was taken to Hillingdon hospital, in West London, soon after arriving in England just after noon. Although her publicist refused to confirm the nature of the star’s illness last night, she said her client was discharged an hour later ‘in good health’.

Mara Buxbaum said: ‘She did fall ill on a plane and as a precautionary measure they took her to hospital.

‘She was there for an hour. She’s in good health. There’s no drama.’

We hope Winona gets well soon, and I hope she go to Spain, to receive her prize that she really deserves.

Ryder taken ill on flight

American actress Winona Ryder was taken to hospital after becoming ill on a flight to London.

A spokesman for Hillingdon Hospital in Uxbridge, west London, said the 37-year-old was treated by medics directly off the plane at Heathrow Airport.

A spokesman for British Airways said: “The captain of BA282, which was travelling from LA to Heathrow, requested a priority landing as a female passenger required medical attention.

“The passenger was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The plane touched down shortly before noon UK time.

BA also said their crew looked after her as much as they could whilst on board, and passenger service staff accompanied her to hospital.

Source: Press Association


Actress Winona Ryder was taken to hospital on Wednesday after falling ill on a flight from Los Angeles to London, but her spokeswoman called it a “precautionary measure” and she was quickly discharged.

The 37-year-old star was taken to Hillingdon Hospital in west London, according to British media.

“She did fall ill on a flight and as a precautionary measure, was taken to a hospital,” said a spokeswoman for Ryder. “She was there maybe an hour and was released. The bottom line is she is in good health.”

Source: Reuters

Winona Ryder, prix Marie Claire Godmother

Winona will be tomorrow in Spain, to receive a prize offer by Marie Claire, called “Icono Fashion”. The event will take place in French embassy.

Tomorrow we have dinner with Winona Ryder. She’s the godmother of the “Prix Marie Claire”. Plus she had recently receive the “PRIX MARIE CLAIRE ICONO FASHION”.

Have passed more than 18 years of “Edward Scissorhands”, but designers are still thinking of her constantly. That’s why in the last New York Fashion Week, she was one of the celebrities invited of the front row of DKNY. Her 164 cms tall are so glamorous.

She left behind “The Age of Innocence”. She’s 37 years old, a non innocence 37 years at all: “Bad Girl” from Hollywood, she comes back with two films waiting for a soon release, and still being a “FASHION ICON”.

Gothic Teenager from Tim Burton’s hands. Eternal Girlfriend of Jerry Lee Lewis in “Great Balls of fire”. Desired for Coppola’s Dracula, she can role a “Little ‘Woman'”, and also a Robot in “Alien 4”.

With a Star in the Hollywood Hall of Fame, with more than 3.000.000 entries on google, with sues for stealing and drugs consume, or appearing nude to get funds against skin cancer, we only can exclaim the same as Johnny Depp’s tatoo in his arm said during years: “Winona Forever”.

See here the announcement (in spanish) about the prize, with a video.

Thank you SO much newland for the heads up in Winona Ryder Film Page.
Let’s just wait for hundred of pictures tomorrow, crossing fingers!

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