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TIFF: “The Iceman” Screening Pictures Added

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2012

So, finally here’s the pictures of Winona attending the premiere of “The Iceman” at TIFF festival, two days ago. She was gorgeous in a very basic vintage dress, hair pulled back in a ponytail and more relaxed than her usual. A pleasure to see! Check 85 HQ pictures in our gallery:

I have a few more pictures of the press conference, that will be added later today.

TIFF: “The Iceman” Press Conference Pictures

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012

The first batch of pictures has been added, mostly of them thanks to my friend Rachel. Also some pictures of a portrait the cast did after the press meeting was also added. Enjoy!

“The Iceman” TIFF Press Conference

Monday, Sep 10, 2012

It’s happening LIVE now, at this url. Will post the full video as soon as possible!

Ryder: It’s always challenging if you’re playing someone that existed because you can’t just create someone out of your imagination and you often feel a sense of responsibility. My experiences in the past have been that I’ve had the [blessing of the person I’ve played] or it was more of a love letter, so I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve… I’ve never really done a crime movie genre before… I’ve never played a person before where it’s ambiguous of what she did or didn’t know and perhaps was in denial.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you in this movies. Do you feel welcome back in Hollywood?

A: I don’t know. I’ve been asked that question a bit in Venice, and I don’t know if I’m developing a bit of a complex because I don’t know if you’re saying “We missed you” or “What are you doing here, you’re not really relevant.” For me, I started very young, and when you receive a lot of blessings and success when I did, I was sort of constantly couldn’t believe I was doing this back in my 20s, and I went through a time where I realized how important it was to have a life outside of it. At the end of the day you come home, and [you’re] waiting to wrap something, and you’re trying to find… it’s a cycle.

It’s equally important for me to be a friend to my friends, sister and daughter, be a good person and have a life I can feel good about it. I feel like I need to take some time to do that. Also, actors are very blessed, but when you go through your adolescence doing it, there is a lot of pressure, and you go through this weird age.”

“I’m psyched to be 40, and I’m psyched to get older, because I think you become more of yourself. It’s not the size of the roles, it’s usually the roles that’re more interesting.”

I don’t know – if I was younger and was just starting out now [with the information on the Internet] I don’t think I’d become an actress.

“The Iceman” on Telluride festival

Friday, Sep 7, 2012

The Iceman, a superviolent new film based on the true story of a mafia contract killer who became one of the most prolific murderers in history, had its world premiere Aug. 30 in Venice and its North American premiere Sept. 2 at Telluride. The project features an awards-worthy performance by Oscar nominee Michael Shannon, albeit in a film that is about as far outside of the Academy’s wheelhouse as one can get, which leads me to believe it probably will go unrecognized.

The Iceman, which is still seeking a U.S. distributor, was directed by Israeli filmmaker Ariel Vromen, who also co-wrote the project with Morgan Land. Vroman’s first feature in six years and third overall, it was produced by his countryman Ehud Bleiberg, who has had four films at Telluride in the past five years, including the terrific The Band’s Visit and Precious Life. The film recounts — often in shockingly graphic ways — the three decades during which Richard Kuklinski, a guy from Jersey City with a dark personality, meets his wife (Oscar nominee Winona Ryder in a nice role and looking as good as ever) and gets pulled into and then comes to depend on a life of crime. Continue reading “The Iceman” on Telluride festival

More pictures for “The Iceman” Premiere

Monday, Sep 3, 2012

I added a second batch of HQ pictures from “The Iceman” red carpet in Venice. Check it:

Venice interview with “The Iceman” cast

Saturday, Sep 1, 2012

The Upcoming has published an interview with “The Iceman” cast at Venice festival. Here’s the highlights:

How was working on this movie and with these actors?

Working with Michael is very much “you don’t know what’s gonna happen”. So amazing and spontaneous. A sort of explosion you are not prepared for, how he grabs you. He is completely present. Quite wonderful and generous.

Winona, what did you like of this character? How are you choosing roles at this point of your career?

I was drawn to this story, it’s a compelling and different type of role for me to play. I sort of had to approach it in a very different way than I usually approach roles. I could not do any research on the character that I played because everything that was available was involved with very graphic descriptions of his crimes, my character was very much in denial or unaware of what happened. Continue reading Venice interview with “The Iceman” cast