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The Dilemma: more pictures

I added a few new pictures and goodies that came from the official website: wallpapers, twitter backgrounds, and stills. Check it:


Thanks to Sammy for the heads up!

The Dilemma: TV Spot and Posters

A TV spot for Ron Howards’ The Dilemma has just surfaced. No new scene that we cannot see previously on the trailer, but, well…

Also check this awesome poster Chris B has found:

Too much photoshop, but still gourgeous, isn’t it? There’s another similar version uploaded in our gallery, check it.

The Dilemma: Japanese Poster

After the HUGE disappointment that was the USA “The Dilemma” poster released, we got a really better one from Japan.

Check the full size, plus the american one, in our gallery. Thanks, as always, Chris for the heads up.

More visits to ‘The Dilemma’ set

5 Things We Enjoyed Seeing on the Set of ‘The Dilemma’Moviefone

Highlight #4: Winona Ryder Getting Some Action
‘Beetlejuice’ and ‘Heathers’ were my favorite movies in grade school and high school, respectively, so I was really stoked to see Winona Ryder in person — and in a big role, at that. Shoplifting scandal be damned, she’s an appealing actress deserving of a comeback. To be honest, ‘The Dilemma’ might not be the right vehicle, as her dialogue in the scene I witnessed was pretty stilted and her chemistry with James a bit flat. But I’m willing to grant a day pass to the actress who recently played Spock’s mother.

Plus, has another on set visit, and you can read about it here

Set visit: The Dilemma

Towards the final hours of the production day, Jennifer Connelly (in four-inch heels, but still a good 6” shorter than her on-screen hubby) and Winona Ryder (short, too button-like for James) enter the set. Connelly bids us a comforting “Hello” that causes one of us, first time seeing such a creature as tall and sexy as this, to spill his notebook on the floor. With new eye candy (and stand-ins!), it’s a fresh start for the journalists–and Vaughn, evidently, who trumpets, “Let’s do this thing!” before one of the takes with the ladies.

Read the full article at JoBlo

The Dilemma: Internationa trailer

Thanks to Jen Connelly Fan, we can take a look at the international trailer for “The Dilemma”:

Captures were added to our gallery:

Plus, check a new promo for the movie:

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