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The Ten Premiere

Friday, Dec 1, 2006

The Ten will have it’s world premiere on January 19th, 2007 at the Sundance Film Festival at Park City, Utah.
The 2007 Sundance Film Festival runs January 18-28, 2007. Tickets and further information can be found at the festival website

Daniel Waters to Elle magazine

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2006

Director Daniel Waters explained why he cast Winona Ryder in his forthcoming flick “Sex and Death 101.” “I needed a psychopath who was sweet, warm, and funny -” and that’s basically Winona,”? Waters told the new issue of Elle. “She’s like an Audrey Hepburn that’s been dropped off the table and has a crack in it.”? [ Source ]

David Wain: the talk of The Ten

Thursday, Sep 7, 2006

WRNC interviews director David Wain

‘Winona’s a genius comic actress and does stuff in this movie that we’ve never seen from her before. She’s totally fearless’.

So, first, you’re bound to face the ‘no-spoilers-but-tell-us-a-lot’ question. What is “The Ten” about basically?
Basically, it’s ten stories, each inspired by one of the Ten Commandments. Characters overlap and interweave. Winona’s a main character in two of them.

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Christian Slater And Winona Ryder Sign Up For ‘Heathers 2’

Sunday, Aug 27, 2006


Actor Christian Slater is to team up with Winona Ryder for a ?€?Heathers?€™ sequel.

Although Slater dies in the first film he and Ryder have both signed up to star in a follow up to the cult classic.

Director and writer of the first film Daniel Walters will be writing the new film and may also direct.

In the first film Slater helps Ryder seek her revenge on a group of girls who are all named Heather.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ryder said: “I don’t know how much is official; it’s a way away.

“But it takes place in Washington and Christian Slater agreed to come back and make an Obi-Wan-type appearance. It’s very funny.”

It is as yet unsure when production will begin on the film?

Winona filming THE TEN

Tuesday, Aug 8, 2006

Source: Winona Ryder News Channel
It?€™s been a rumor for a couple of weeks, now there?€™s more substance to it with on the set pictures: Winona Ryder is actually in the cast of THE TEN, a comedy by David Wain, made of ten different stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments. Jessica Alba, Paul Rudd and Amanda Peet also star. The shots were taken on August 4, 2006 in The Bronx, New York City. UPDATE: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is currently shooting in New York and Mexico and Famke Janssen, Gretchen Mol, Liev Schreiber, Rob Corddry and Ron Silver have joined the party.

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