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R-Rated Clip from Winona Ryder’s Sex and Death 101

Saturday, Nov 3, 2007 has a video scene from Winona in Sex and Death 101.

Sex and Death 101 is a dark comedy that concerns a man whose life is upended by an email containing the names of every woman he’s had sex with — and every woman he ever will have sex with.

You can view the video here:

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New project!

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007 – Robin Wright Penn, Julianne Moore, and Winona Ryder will star in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Elevation Filmworks and Plan B Entertainment’s movie adaptation of Rebecca Miller’s novel. Wright Penn will play the title character in the film, which goes through Pippa’s past and present as a methamphetamine-addicted mother whose husband leaves her for a younger woman. The newly single character experiences a number of erotic adventures while heading toward a quiet nervous breakdown. Miller is also directing. She previously directed The Ballad of Jack and Rose, also produced by Elevation. Shooting on Pippa is scheduled to start in April. Wright Penn recently signed on to join Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Jason Batemen in Universal’s movie adaptation of the British miniseries State of Play. She will next be seen in Beowulf and the Barry Levinson-directed comedy What Just Happened?.

Noni filming “The Informers”

Wednesday, Oct 17, 2007

Found some pictures from Noni shooting ” The Informers” outside Canters Famous Deli in Los Angeles, today. She’s absolutelly stuning!

The Informers: Noni filming in LA, October 17


Monday, Oct 15, 2007

Directed by Kirsten Dunst – Starring John Hawkes, Lexi Jourden, Winona Ryder

Synopsis: When Bill, Cynthia and their daughter Alice move into a new house, they are confronted with an unexpected occupant. However, as they decide what to do, the Johnson’s learn that sometimes, living peacefully means learning how to get along with anyone – or anything…


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Ryder, Rourke turn ‘Informers’

Saturday, Sep 22, 2007

Winona Ryder and Mickey Rourke have joined the ensemble cast of Gregor Jordan’s “The Informers,” an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel.

The two join Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Brandon Routh, Ashley Olsen, Jon Foster, Lou Taylor Pucci and Austin Nichols in the film, financed by Senator Entertainment.

The drama, which tells seven separate stories, follows a week in the lives of a group of morally challenged characters — a movie executive, his wife, his mistress, a rock star, a vampire and a kidnapper. It is set in 1980s Los Angeles.

Ryder will play a newscaster who has just been dumped after a longtime affair with a married producer William Sloan.

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‘Night on Earth’ finally out on DVD

Thursday, Aug 30, 2007

image_5781486.jpg Next Tuesday sees the release of a DVD some film buffs have craved for years, occasionally going so far as to buy foreign editions that require special region-free players: “Night on Earth.” Jim Jarmusch’s 1991 comedy is one of the director’s most accessible fiction features, yet somehow it’s his last to come out on DVD.

It hits stores alongside a reissue of “Stranger Than Paradise,” both discs coming from the auteur-lovers at Criterion. “Stranger Than Paradise” is, of course, well established in the indie pantheon and needs no boosterism here. It’s also been on disc before. This edition might not be very big news (despite the new director-approved transfer and juicy documentary extras), if not for the fact that Criterion throws in a rare movie for free: Jarmusch’s first feature, “Permanent Vacation.”

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