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Scans of California Style Magazine

Friday, Oct 30, 2009

A huge thanks to Craig, who scanned and sent the most recent issue of California Style to us. And I need to say, the editorial is BEAUTIFUL! Someone comented on forums that photographers always try to make her look ugly on pictures (and always fail) with their weird production. Thank you, Sheryl Nields!

You can find scans in our gallery. If reposting, DO NOT DIRECT LINK, please. I found the Blackbook scans being reposted using the direct link of our gallery, it ruins our monthly bandwidth. If you want to repost, use or something like that to host the images.

Winona on Blackbook magazine

Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009

Winona is cover of November issue of Blackbook magazine, in a nine pages+cover and interview. Totally awesome!
You can check the scans the gallery, thanks to Kelly.

Winona at Interview Magazine

Monday, Oct 12, 2009

Winona Ryder is on current anniversary issue of Interview Magazine, in an interview done by the editor in chief Stephen Moallen. I didn’t had the chance to get the magazine in hands, but here’s the interview so you can read it.
Thanks for Lunis for the heads up.

How Winona Ryder overcame junior high school bullies, teenage rebellion, the controversy surronding Heathers, overwhelming stardom, tabloid harassment, her breakup with Johnny Depp, suffocating mega-fame, wearing a corset, gen x angst, the Hollywood machine, J.D. Salinger’s cone of silence, the late ’90’s malaise, her fear of series television, and that time she got arrested and found a way to be free at last.

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Interview: The Ten’s Ken Marino And David Wain

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2007

There’s here at CinemaBlend a interview with the autors of The Ten, Ken Marino and David Wain.

(…) David Wain and Ken Marino have been working together for over fifteen years, and it shows. Interviewed together, the two play off each other both for their own entertainment and for the sake of the poor journalists assigned to pick their brains. Wain may respond to a question with a perfect deadpan that cracks up the room, but Marino: will follow up with an actual answer—just as funny, as course. The two co-wrote The Ten, a feature film consisting of ten shorts, each based on one of the Ten Commandments. Among the highlights, which are also important for understanding this interview: a man becomes a celebrity after becoming wedged in the ground during a skydiving accident, causing his distraught fiancee to leave him, take up with a news anchor, then eventually leave the anchor for a ventriloquist’s dummy. Two neighbors try to one-up each other by buying dozens of CAT scan machines. A doctor goes to jail for killing a patient—but, as he insists, “it was a goof!” A white woman explains to her black sons that their real father is, in fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger—and hires an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator to give them a feel for their real father. A man ditches church each Sunday to hang out in his house, naked, with dozens of other naked men, all dancing to Roberta Flack. And of course, at the end, all the characters of the film sing onstage together, while wearing sparkly costumes. (…)

Winona cover of Vogue

Tuesday, Jul 17, 2007

Winona is cover of the next Vogue, in the annual age issue. She’s representing women of her generation. The magazine arrives on newsstands Wednesday.
She looks incredible, totally beautiful in the cover’s picture.


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David Wain: the talk of The Ten

Thursday, Sep 7, 2006

WRNC interviews director David Wain

‘Winona’s a genius comic actress and does stuff in this movie that we’ve never seen from her before. She’s totally fearless’.

So, first, you’re bound to face the ‘no-spoilers-but-tell-us-a-lot’ question. What is “The Ten” about basically?
Basically, it’s ten stories, each inspired by one of the Ten Commandments. Characters overlap and interweave. Winona’s a main character in two of them.

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