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A Scanner Darkly – BLOG and

New reviews of Scanner Darkly have been released and you can find them from the full story.
Check out the IGN Feature and blog, must see!

Double Vision

The same-but-different philosophies of Richard Linklater’s Cannes twofer

Richard Linklater’s stunning double feature at Cannes this year?A Scanner Darkly and Fast Food Nation?represented not the international supersizing of this always prolific and political American director so much as the ideal opportunity for his audience to engage in another Linklaterian game of comparative pop: positioning same-but-different philosophies opposite one another like facing mirrors, their reflections multiplying to the point of both dizzying revelation and what Scanner vividly defines as the “vague blur.” Double vision abounds on this bill as both films are adaptations: Scanner of the like-titled sci-fi novel by Philip K. Dick, the fictional Fast Food of Eric Schlosser’s Big Mac?is-murder expos?. And both mark returns to somewhat familiar terrain within the Linklater universe: Scanner to Waking Life’s surreally pulsing world of rotoscope animation, and Fast Food, with its narrative track around the periphery of the meat (or “meat”) industry, to the roving cyclicality of Slacker, his 1991 debut. Continue reading.

A Scanner Darkly – RES Magazine – Trailer remix contest

Warner Independent Pictures has partnered with RES Magazine on a trailer remix contest that lets fans make their own ASD film trailers. They can submit their trailer to the contest, share with friends, post on their own pages, etc.

The contest winner will receive:
– Two tickets to the films U.S. Premiere (including roundtrip airfare, hotel, and transportation)
– Microsoft Windows 64-bit powered professional video editing workstation with Adobe Production Studio Premium featuring Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and more.

Runner-up and Audience Award winners will both receive:
– XBOX360 video game consoles
– Adobe Production Studio Standard software
– autographed A Scanner Darkly movie poster.

Check it out
Official movie site:


The official A scanner Darkly website has been opened at

Dracula: special edition?

DVD producer Kim Aubry has revealed to “Home Media Retailing” magazine that he and his team at Zoetrope Aubry Productions have been hard at work for the past 15 months on an upcoming special edition DVD re-release of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1979 masterpiece Apolcalypse Now. Fans of Coppola’s will be happy to hear that Aubry is also working on a long-requested special edition of 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Not much is revealed about this release except that it will include, among other things, a special “art student” branching feature which will take viewers from the film to specific scene-related storyboards or paintings. No release date has been revealed, but expect both later this year.

Thanks for the news David!

Autumn in New York

I added screencaptures of Autumn in New York and the DVD extras to the gallery.

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