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Gallery update

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2009

I just added a new theme to the gallery, and with it new pictures too, mostly old pictures of Winona’s court appearances. I was refusing to add more pictures on this episode, which I hate to see, but she was so adorable in most of it, and of course we cannot erase the past, just support her in the present.

Also, there’s some 2002 out&about pictures, as well Trek, The Informers and rare Beetlejuice behind the scenes ones. I really hope you all enjoy the updates.

Gallery updates

Monday, Nov 3, 2008

Finally I managed time to update the gallery, and add all latest candids I got in the past week. All pictures are HQ sized and totally exclusive, some never seen before.

• Candids: 2006 – Los Angeles, May 17
• Candids: 2006 – Beverly Hills, January 13 *updated!
• Candids: 2005 – Shopping at Grove, December 12
• Candids: 2005 – Beverly Hills, September 29 *updated!
• Candids: 2004 – Hollywood, January 29 *updated!
• Candids: 2004 – Beverly Hills, September 09
• Candids: 2004 – Melrose, August 13
• Candids: 2003 – Santa Monica, April 06
• Candids: 2003 – May 11, leaving doctor
• Candids: 2000 – Los Angeles, January 07
• Events: 2005 – Louis Vuitton Champs-Elysées Flagship Store After Party

Kate Hudson, Halloween “Belle of the Ball”

Tuesday, Oct 28, 2008

It’s nearing the end of October and we all know what that means don’t we party goers? Yes it’s that time of time of the year when we come upon the craziest night of the year. The one night when the whole world forgets about it’s cares and its worries and just goes stark raving mad!

Tie in with this it is also when the latest in our celebrity lovelies decide to show off their latest wares and their latest dresses and this year is no different. Kate Hudson, who last year threw one of the bashes of the season also got into the party spirit last weekend dressed as a “60’s flight attendant”. Joining her in the festivities was Courtney Cox (dressed as a witch) and husband David Arquette dressed as a Warlock.

Not to be left pout in the cold it would appear that Winona Ryder appeared as a mouse, Cindy Crawford dressed up as Amy Winehouse and Rachel Zoe appeared as a flapper – how the other half lives eh?

Source: Access Hollywood

Winona Holmes?!

Friday, Aug 8, 2008

This isn’t something about rivalries or nothing like that, I just found it curious.

The site PopSugar is always bringing us with those “guess who” polls, which they took some random candid picture and ask to their visitors who’s the celebrity in question. Well, they took this picture from Winona hiding the face in “Stay Cool” set and asked. Do you believe 68% replied “Kate Holmes”? The haircut and the (huge) sunglasses are betraing a lot of people… =]

One of the funny answers there was:
“the reason i knew it was winona was that HUGE jamba juice – she always seems to have one in every photo i see of her lately!!!”

Winona in treatment again?

Tuesday, Jul 8, 2008

The beautiful and talented Winona Ryder exited a medical building in Century City Monday afternoon, known for its specialized psychiatric treatment. Is the actress seeking rehabilitation or therapy? Ryder looked rather demure as she headed to her car, and much younger because of her new short hairdo. She was dressed all in black apart from her bag and had big drink with her!

Century City, July 08, 2008

New candids

Thursday, Jun 26, 2008

Finally Winona decided go out and a ‘friendly’ paparazzi take some pictures from her going to a Blockbuster store with her boyfriend Blake Sennett. And her sunglasses. hah
The pictures was taken latest June 24, and I added 37 HQ versions to the gallery. She looks pretty. As always.

Out & About at Blockbuster, June 24, 2008