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Winona Ryder’s Triumphant Return Heralded by “Black Swan”

Her iconic presence in the 90’s and early millennium in movies like “Edward Scissorhands”, “Reality Bites” and “Little Women” had all been halted when she was charged with shoplifting in 2001 by Saks Fifth Avenue where she was caught on camera stealing $5,500 worth of designer items. She was arrested and put on three years probation.

Now at 38 at 5’4” frame Winona Ryder was one of Hollywood’s original waif but she isn’t as waify looking anymore as she catches the world’s attention once again as an ageing ballerina who can’t perform in a New York City Production of Swan Lake and was taken over by Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”.

Recently seen in the Toronto Film Festival premiere of the psychodrama she showed her womanly curves in a black dress with a demure below-the-knee skirt and bustier-style neckline. A tattoo (meaning compassion and enlightenment in both its Indonesian and Tibetan meanings) on her left forearm didn’t go noticed.

Her iconic presence in the 90’s and early millennium in movies like “Edward Scissorhands”, “Reality Bites” and “Little Women” had all been halted when she was charged with shoplifting in 2001 by Saks Fifth Avenue where she was caught on camera stealing $5,500 worth of designer items. She was arrested and put on three years probation.

She, however, made acting appearances in some films in 2006 and even played Spok’s mother in Star Trek last year.

Next year, she has a major leading role in the Ron-Howard comedy “The Dilemma” with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James.

Source: The News Chronicle

A Boyhood Dream Realized: Winona Ryder In The Flesh

The Lost Boy: This morning in the Hyatt Regency, I saw Winona Ryder in the flesh for the very first time. I wish I could say we met at some sort of party and hit it off and decided to blow off the party and drink wine at her hotel room while discussing love, life and the pursuit of happiness. But sadly, I had to settle for the “Black Swan” press conference, where I eagerly sat in the front row and just stared longingly at her nervous eyes.

She seemed really anxious being up there, and stuttered through the answers to some her questions. It made me just wanted to put up my hand and tell her that everything was going to be okay. And, well, that my childhood room was adorned with hundreds of her photographs. And that I could mouth the words to every line of dialogue she has in “Heathers,” “Reality Bites,” “Beetlejuice,” “Edward Scissorhands” and “Great Balls of Fire.” And that she’d been this strange presence in my life… like this imaginary beacon of boyish femininity that guided me through the first 14 years of my life. I’d even like to tell her I used to fantasize she was my older sister and demanded we named my actual sister after her when I was 8 years old (which thankfully didn’t happen).

But then I realized that would not only would that make her more anxious, I would probably also be kicked out of the conference for sounding so insane.

Anyway, here’s a video from when Ryder and co-star Natalie Portman had been asked about the pressures they felt by being in the public eye since they were children, a pressure that is eerily mirrored in “Swan.” Free Winona:

Today’s Pop Five: undeadhead’s tribute to Winona Ryder

The Pop Five is a series of Pop Candy readers’ top five lists. Today’s contribution comes from Kristy L. in Pittsburgh:
Molly Ringwald is the queen of ’80s-era teen comedies, but I’ve always identified more with Winona Ryder.

In high school, I was an outsider like Dinky Bosetti (Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael) and had the same religion-induced neuroses as Charlotte Flax (Mermaids). I also possessed a Rina-esque sensitivity that attracted guys in a let’s-just-be-friends sort of way (Lucas). For the record, I did not pull a Myra and marry my piano-playin’ cousin (Great Balls of Fire).

From her 1986 debut through the mid-1990s, Winona’s film canon reflected my adolescence. Then, a strange thing happened: Winona stopped making movies that mattered to me. For the first time in more than a decade, I didn’t have a cinematic soulmate.

I’m still searching.
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The Many Girlfriends of Marc Jacobs

Out magazine did today an article talking about the many girls Marc has chosen during the years to make his fashion campaigns, or being an inspiration. Winona, of course, is listed:

Winona Ryder
In 2001, Ryder, the poster child of anti-Hollywood starlets and alienated souls everywhere, was charged with shoplifting from Beverly Hills’s Saks Fifth Avenue. In the onslaught of controversy that followed — which included a show trial — Ryder caught Jacobs’s attention. He thought she looked so cute in the black and white dress she wore to court, he hired her for his 2003 Marc Jacobs ad campaign, shot by Juergen Teller.


Winona at Interview Magazine

Winona Ryder is on current anniversary issue of Interview Magazine, in an interview done by the editor in chief Stephen Moallen. I didn’t had the chance to get the magazine in hands, but here’s the interview so you can read it.
Thanks for Lunis for the heads up.

How Winona Ryder overcame junior high school bullies, teenage rebellion, the controversy surronding Heathers, overwhelming stardom, tabloid harassment, her breakup with Johnny Depp, suffocating mega-fame, wearing a corset, gen x angst, the Hollywood machine, J.D. Salinger’s cone of silence, the late ’90’s malaise, her fear of series television, and that time she got arrested and found a way to be free at last.

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Winona Ryder: “America is too much puritan but with Obama things will change”

The meeting with jurors has affected her deeply

Black and trimmed with lace dress, short hair, white skin and red lips. The long awaited Winona Ryder, the most controversial Hollywood actress, has been the last star at Giffoni Experience. She has said: “It has been so touching to meet the festival jurors, I have almost started crying. Especially if I think that among those boys there would be the next Coppola, the new Scorsese. Youth are our future”.

She has arrived together with a mysterious man, James, who has photographed her all day long in Giffoni and followed her in the streets and in her meetings. Although his staff had previously told to journalists not to ask her questions about taboos, a journalist has done it and she has directly answered: “Cinema is a different place where it’s possible to explore them. That’s why cinema is also a social medium”. The 38 years old American actress has added: “There are dark periods, in which cinema seems to be puritan, stagnant. I hope that this new time, with Barack Obama, – and I tell this even if I’m an immigrant couple daughter – let us to leave behind this dark atmosphere which derives from the George Bush government. Some months ago, some teachers have got the sack because of the subject they taught. But I feel that everything will change”. Continue reading

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