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Winona Ryder’s Second Act: Lessons From ‘Little Women’

Wednesday, Jan 12, 2011

It took six years off, presumable prescription drug treatment, and a lot of community service for Winona Ryder to make it back. And it’s a testament to the enduring appeal of her early work that three appropriately quirky supporting parts—as Commander Spock’s artificially-aged mother in Star Trek, as a deranged ballerina in Black Swan, and as Kevin James’ cheating wife upgrading to Channing Tatum in The Dilemma, in theaters on Friday—was all it took to resurrect a certain kind of American’s crush on Ryder, for GQ to declare as Johnny Depp once did, that it’s Winona Forever all over again. Continue reading Winona Ryder’s Second Act: Lessons From ‘Little Women’

Winona Ryder: Best of 2010

Thursday, Dec 23, 2010

Winona Ryder has a great 2010 year, and so we did. As fans all we wanted was a comeback, and it’s here. So, the year is ending and I think it would be cool to compile a list with her best moments of 2010. Feel free to add yours or complete mine. 🙂

Best News
I really can’t tell you what was the most exciting news from 2010. Her good reviews for “When Love Is Not Enough”, she joining a Ron Howard’s movie, the buzz around her comeback because the performance in Black Swan, a SAG and Satellite Awards nomination, or she working together with Tim Burton again. I really cannot choose one, can you?

Favorite Photoshoot

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Interview Magazine: The Faces of 2010

Wednesday, Dec 22, 2010

With a new year quickly approaching, we’re doing more than stocking up on Champagne and re-remembering the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne.” We’re also stopping to reflect on the year that was: and what a year 2010 was for fashion, music, and film. Ke$ha convinced us to throw away our toothbrushes; Justin Bieber melted 12-year-old hearts worldwide; and James Franco managed to juggle about nine careers at once. They (and 15 others) deserve to be recognized for their efforts! And so, without further ado, we are proud to present: Interview’s Faces of 2010.

The Cameo Queen: Winona Ryder
It’s been two decades since Heathers and Edward Scissorhands, but Winona Ryder proved this year that she’s definitely still got it. Though she wasn’t onscreen long, Ryder still managed to deliver one of the year’s most memorable performances as an ousted prima ballerina in Black Swan. She played her creepy, menacing role to such perfection that we found ourselves looking over our shoulders as we left the theater-just in case she happened to be lurking behind us. This may be the start of a legit comeback for Ryder, who has booked upcoming roles in Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, Ron Howard’s The Dilemma, and Armand Mastroianni’s Gardel.

Quotable in 2010: “Sometimes I’ll watch a movie, and it’s got some big star in it playing a working-class person, and the character is in a grocery store, and you can kind of tell, from just watching the scene, that this actor doesn’t do their own shopping. So you have to have some sense of reality. That’s why, at the height of everything, I used to go to the Laundromat to do my laundry-just because I had to sort of maintain,” Ryder said in October.


Winona Forever: GQ Pictures and Article

Thursday, Dec 16, 2010

As announced, Winona is featured in the January issue of GQ magazine. The official website has posted the article and the breathtaking photoshoot. She can’t be more beautiful, can she?

Winona Forever
Is it possible we will always be obsessed with Winona Ryder? If she keeps doing films such as Black Swan, the answer is yes. Alex Pappademas talks with our eternal crush

Winona Ryder has this problem, and as problems go it’s pretty solidly in the first-world category, she knows, but it’s a problem, still: She’ll be having a conversation with somebody—an interesting conversation, the kind two regular people have when they discover a mutual admiration for, like, Philip Roth’s American Pastoral or something. And then suddenly the person she’s having the conversation with will say something to her that reminds her that (a) she is Winona Ryder, the famous actress, and (b) nearly everyone she meets already has “this whole idea” of who she is, already thinks they know everything there is to know about her, more or less. And inevitably when this happens, she starts thinking about what it is people think they know about her, which is never a good idea, and the conversation never really recovers.

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Winona Ryder: Girl, Resurrected

Friday, Dec 10, 2010

With two scene-stealing performances on the way, Winona Ryder is about to make us fall in love with her all over again

In director Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, a disturbing psycho-thriller set in the physically harrowing world of professional ballet, it’s slightly jarring to see Winona Ryder take on such a small part, not to mention see her play an aging principal dancer, Beth, who has been strong-armed into retirement by her New York company and tidily replaced by Nina, an ambitious innocent portrayed by a gaunt Natalie Portman. The film takes on a creepy hallucinogenic bent, focusing on Nina’s mental unraveling as she obsessively prepares for her starmaking turn in the company’s risqué version of Swan Lake. Ryder can’t be on-screen for more than 20 minutes—her role lands somewhere between cameo and supporting actress. And yet, as pallid as ever, with impossibly dark eyes that dominate her valentine-shaped face, she manages to make her presence seem big. The movie wouldn’t have the same palpable tension without her.

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Winona Ryder: Ready For a Comeback?

Thursday, Sep 16, 2010

My Fox Orlando – Winona Ryder is back on the red carpet after a lengthy absence from Hollywood.

Ryder, 38, attended the Toronto Film Festival premiere of the ballet psychodrama “Black Swan” in which she made a cameo. She posed for photos with co-star Natalie Portman wearing a low-cut black dress with a below-the-knee skirt, according to Yahoo! Movies .

There was also talk of her new tattoo on her left forearm, which fans are saying is a combination of the Indonesian symbol for “compassion” and the Tibetan symbol for “enlightenment.”