‘The Iceman’ Blu-Ray Screen Captures

Thursday, Aug 15, 2013

I have added blu-ray quality screen captures of Winona latest movie The Iceman and I am really impressed. The movie isn’t bad (in contrary, I actually really enjoyed it!) but the performances are strong! Winona is killing as a prettier version of Natalie Wood, and Michael Shannon is a force of nature, and far away one of the best actors of his generation.

The movie wasn’t released in Brazil yet (and by far I believe it won’t), and DVD/Blu-Ray is coming next month in USA (you can already pre-order it here) but, for now, you can check screen captures in our gallery (remembering that it may contain spoilers…)

8 Comments on “‘The Iceman’ Blu-Ray Screen Captures”

  1. Thanks for the great caps – Winona looking amazing and hot (gawd I’m a man…).

    Some of these surely go onto my private fansite…(-:

  2. Luciana, what’s the source? Pictures are so blurred, doesn’t looks like blu-ray quality, though resolution is Full HD. 🙁
    PS Do You know the day of release on BD?

  3. Alexey, it’s my fault. My computer isn’t good, apparently, and caps are being blurred. But I will re-do as soon I’m able to.

  4. Oh yes, of course, I’d like it very much! It is the great movie and Shannon, Winona & Liotta are very gorgeous and stunning in here!..

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