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Friday, Jun 21, 2013

The August issue of German Interview magazine reprinted that Winona article from May’s US issue. I have scans up in the gallery:

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  1. The most interesting new facts are that Winona has now – persumably – a house in Frisco and appartments in Brooklyn, Williamsburg and LA (the latter a small one). Maybe she likes to keep her location fuzzy so fans and paps don’t swarm after her…(-;

    Next to that it’s new for me that River Phoenix was originally cast for Lucas.

    @Sandra: hope so, but sadly Iceman still goes direct-to-DVD. But most movies who are not 3-D and don’t have an explosion every 3 minutes is befalling that fate lately. Mainstream cinema is really not my cake lately.

  2. @vulcannonibird: yes, i know it’s only on dvd here and i feel a little sorry for her, ’cause i think it’s a really good film and her performance is great ( i’ve only seen a short part, but that was really fantastic ). it’s like she said in the INTERVIEW interview ( or was it in an other one? ) that she tries to act different than in the past and not to use “her thing”. it’s also exciting seeing her in a role that is very different to the other ones. nevertheless i think there will be a movie that pushes her really back in the a-list-thing. i’m a strong believer in that.
    beside this i agree totally with you about the 3D thing!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s a sad fact that the movie business is really about making money, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money. It’s when greed takes over that’s sad.

    Early on in her career, Winona has made it clear that making movies for her is not about the money or being positioned as an A-lister, but doing what she’s passionate about. The strange thing is— Heathers wasn’t a box-office draw but it’s the movie that catapulted her in a career-high. Strange how that works.

    These days I think she’s satisfied being the actress that she is(and a pretty damn good one at that). Like she’s been saying in recent interviews–“It takes something special(a movie) to take her away from her life”.

    I don’t really buy into the whole Hollywood A-list thing. Seems elitist to me. She’s also been quoted as saying “I stand up for all the nerds and the losers”.

    Winona is a Hollywood outsider and I like her that way.

  4. I today got the US issue – funny timing. The interview is much longer and has 2 more pictures.

    I used the occasion to buy a brand new USB scanner (RIP 1998 Parallel Scanner) so I’ll scan the US issue next weekend.

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