‘The Iceman’ Featured on Total Film Magazine

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Total Film UK has on their July issue a 4-pages and a review for ‘The Iceman’ – which gave the movie 4 stars and praises for Shannon’s performance – and I have scans up in the gallery.

“Written by Vromen and Morgan Land, the script steams from two sources: Anthony Bruno’s 1993 true-crime novel and James Thebault’s 1992 HBO documentary, featuring interviews with Kuklinski in jail. Seeing the doc just two months after his subject died behind bars, in May 2006, Vromen resolved to make a feature. From the outset, he was obsessed with casting Shannon. Rejecting other, more bankable stars, the project fell apart three times. “I said to everybody ‘I will burn this script if it’s not Michael Shannon’. I just had a meal with him – and I was terrified!”

He wasnt the only one. Enter Winona Ryder, who plays Kuklinski’s wife Deborah (real name: Barbara). She remembered shooting a domestic argument scene with Shannon. ‘It was written that he was supposed to say these things to me, then go out into the garage and get into the car and take it out of the steering wheel,’ says the actress. ‘He wasn’t supposed to flip the table over! I was genuinely scared. After the take, I burst into tears. He was bleeding, he had cut himself, and I didn’t expect all that.”