Winona at Loomstate’s 321 line launch

Saturday, Apr 21, 2012

Just in time for Earth Day on Sunday, the fashion crowd went crunchy two nights ago at the charity concept store Treasure & Bond in Soho when Rogan Gregory and Scott MacKinlay Hahn of eco-fashion line Loomstate took over to debut their Loomstate 321 line.

Winona was there, and I’ve added a few pictures of the event. Sadly, mostly pictures are still tagged, and I’m working to get it in better quality for you.

She also gave a quick interview to site Fashionista, which you can read below:

The stunning actress seriously hasn’t aged a day since Heathers (she recently modeled some H&M x Marni out in L.A.) and looked amazing in a Loomstate 321 tee under a fitted leather moto jacket. She seemed a bit discombobulated–first warmly greeting us, then asking for a moment (“I just need to fix my lipstick”) and later apologizing for being out of it because she “took the redeye in.” We asked her to share the most earth friendly thing that she does and we think we kind of confused her.

“Let me think,” Ryder giggled. “Maybe you should pause it [gesturing to our recorder]. I’m trying to think of the greenest things that I do. I don’t under….You mean like in my own personal? So boring. For the line? What? I’m sorry…”

We felt bad for flustering the jet-legged actress and backtracked to an easier question: How does she know Gregory and MacKinlay Hahn?

“I’ve known them for a few years and I’m a huge fan of their designs, but also their deep commitment to the environment,” she slowly articulated. “And you know they’re doing what everybody should be doing and with sustainability and with keeping it organic and I’m just excited for them. They’re great guys and the thing is so awesome. Such a great example and it’s something that you can wear eight million ways and believe me I tried them all tonight. I speak from experience.”

So taking the eight-dresses-in-one in mind, how many times would Ryder wear the design before she threw it in the wash, we asked?

“Well, I would have to double check with Scott because I’ve been schooled about laundry by them,” Ryder said. “I just used to do my laundry and I never thought about it. Then through them I really learned that you don’t have to wash your jeans every [day]…and it’s actually better.”

So there you have it: Stars, lazy with laundry–just like us.

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  1. Funny thing to talk about not to laundry every day while taking a cross-continent flight for the event…lol. I support the idea of not putting our waste everywhere or hunting endangered animals down – but I wont change my driving or flying habits: I’m 1,95m tall so I mostly fly business…(-:

    But back to topic: Winona looks great as ever.

  2. Thanks for sharing the news, she’s so gorgeous and I believe she’ll get her progress in the near future. :love:

  3. I really like her and hope one can see her soon in a movie… I just wish she could explode into successs because I admire her, she is a woman caressing time

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