Rumour: Winona Ryder for Prometheus?

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2011

This just came into my inbox, and I’m too excited for waiting more emails about it:

Ben Foster is in talks to star in the upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Prometheus’, who joins the cast of the movie directed by Ridley Scott. Ben who has worked in ‘Mechanic’ and ‘The Messenger’, will now join the cast of the movie with Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Sean Harris and Logan Marshall-Greene. It is also believed that, Ian Holm, Lance Henriksen, Winona Ryder also joined the cast of the movie ‘Prometheus’.

’Prometheus’ is turning into one of the most exciting and anticipating movies in production is expected to reach the theaters on June 1, 2012 in 3D. The synopsis of the story has been revealed recently. It tells about a team of scientists and explorers, who are set on a thrilling expedition, which tests them physically and mentally, which also strand them on a different and distant world. There they will discover the answers of most fundamental questions and the ultimate mystery of life.


3 Comments on “Rumour: Winona Ryder for Prometheus?”

  1. Well, another movie I would not see as its in 3D – I’ve an eye-condition so I can’t watch them…and don’t say there will also be a 2D version: When Tron 2 was in theatres in whole Hamburg there was not one 2D venue, neither in any suburb…. 😡

  2. Great, if this is true, another movie to look after. i love sci-fi, realli wating for this 😀
    but it sound like what i’ve been thinking in the past week. The story look like what in my sketch book. interesting story, n perfect with Winona there :love:

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