Gallery: XL Semanal scans

Monday, Apr 4, 2011

I just came across this Spanish magazine featuring Winona on cover. Pictures are the same of 2009 Elle UK, but is always great see Winona covering some publication.

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  1. …..Its my joy to end a day with her pictures… And , now I ask myself how it feels to be so popular , photos on a Cover … Is she dissoriented , does she wants to escape …
    Two years ago I met my lifetime love [ looks JUST AS WINONA} in D.C. and here in New York — whata reunion after 20 years !!!! She couldnt beleive I have had her in my memories almost every day ….. And , I beleive that its so important to LOVE unconditionaly ….What I’d do with popularity …No , Ego is gone and I am glad …New existance is coming and I am curious , not scared

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