“Autumn in New York” high-def screencaptures

Sunday, Apr 24, 2011

In a total capping mood, I updated the gallery with 700+ high definition screencaptures of “Autumn in New York“. Enjoy it.

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  1. God, in this film she has an extreme beauty. What a beautiful memory of winona. a pity that Winona has lost at least the last 7 years. I think we all need to regain that lost time, she as a great actress who is and we as a great admirers of his work.
    Greetings from Argentina!!

  2. Wonderful – didn’t know this one’s announced for HD. Winona’s so beautiful in this movie.

    Now the only thing we need in HD is Girl Interrupted as the 3h+ uncut I read about in a James Mangold interview in 2001.

  3. I found the HD now also for download – and a great quality for having the bitrate and size it would even fit onto a DVD. If they had only made a double-disc and not squeezing all the extras and movie together onto one disc.

    What also wonders me that this movie is out on bluray in russia and bulgaria but not in any classic western countries….)-:

    I might redo some caps after my vacation on my big 1920*1080 screen – frist samples looked great….

  4. babe was you thinkin of me when they took those pics or the babies of the world cause i dont care anymore,,,but you sure did a good job beatin hatred…..then here is the best i can do love,,,,its a taste of death its a taste of life its a taste of one woman dealing her strifth,,its her face its her smile bombs wont explode except on the ass of a liar,,,see her style or it will kill you dead, and what comes next will make your head.c ause if she cries i will combine a might that only leaves you with wondering why….and if thats not enough then all i got is time to SHOW you that that one little gilr got it ALL right.

  5. Luciana, please try to moderate the comments, there is some weird stuff being written here…

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