Glamour UK – The Dilemma Interview

Monday, Feb 7, 2011

4 Comments on “Glamour UK – The Dilemma Interview”

  1. uhduhddddduhuhummm,,you make my pupils smile.i um just want to tell you i was thinking about you and that its always worth the mystery of dying without you just to fell like knowing you,,aww anyway it doesnet sound good now if i try and say it so will write you later.

  2. i guess yeah? you sold your home..fffhhhsssseeehh.did you ever go there????cause who the hell really freakin cares..hheehehhessssss.ha.i dont know i just stoned for “A CHANGE”…ok hres what i got so far for a poem for you,,,-tombstone honey..ill have to think of the rest here in a minute.

  3. when the colors brighten up and theres a wonder, I think of you, my tombstone Honey. Three cigarettes and only 3 lines, Ill think of you, My Tombstone Honey. And if I shall lay my head to a bomb, Ill smile and thinbk of you my Tombstone Honey.If time leaves me cold and alone, Ill think of you my tombstone Honey. Honey is like vensinrolla.

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