Gallery: 2008 Marie Claire Prix

Thursday, Feb 17, 2011

I found this pictures a while ago, and felt in love, but didn’t posted here because it was totally tagged. One of my sources just posted untagged HQ’s and now you can enjoy all the cuteness:

6 Comments on “Gallery: 2008 Marie Claire Prix”

  1. Its so nice I can look at your photos . You look like a twin of my only love , Angela , my Angel . She is lonely now in Bazel , I am lonely here in New York after two unhappy marriages {both of us]
    God bless my angel and I wish you liftime Love –thats the only thing that counts . Mike

  2. I dont understand why my comments are not printed …aniway , I like Winona and enjoy these pics so much

  3. Just a refreshing look after hard day … Sometimes I wonder can Fame and Money , bring some kind of disorientation [ sorry , english is my third language] I wish to hear that dear Winona loves deeply and uncoditionaly …and how about children
    Good night , Mike

  4. ,,,,allways childlish …She’ll stay childlish even at 60 …. LIVE AND LOVE

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