The Dilemma: Cinemax Cast Interview

Thursday, Jan 20, 2011

Thanks to Chris B for the find:

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  1. well Winona, i was sittin here listenin to Get Back,havin a pretty rough time about it and cousinly uncle John said, something like “get your head in that damn glass”. and well hoew cool is that? so i just wanted to tell,im looking forward to seeing you at the mov ies..i never have seen you on the big screen befor.hope you really had a great time filming it.

  2. oh yeah Dad said the other day that John Lennon “was my faviorite movie starin hero ever since i was little, and it just made me feel alright cause thats really true to me besides my dad and grandpa aw well who the hell am i gonna tell if it aint you? so just fell safe that way cause i dont know who or how many will say it doesnt, then i might die before im done, but dad just says save my last breath for dyin and dont worry about the rest.anyway im probably gonna be on here tonight waxing or complainin see ya later.

  3. well if i could do more i would Winona, times are tough and i egt what i get, this sounds sorta dum,.just want you to feel ok.ever see the town with a clown like me?he wants to know.says hes got a pair a tickets for motown fridays,i dont know what he maens just kinda believe him from some of the stuff ive seen him.awlwell i miss you too.

  4. what a pity it could not win the prize. but well, there will be other opportunities. noni love you, from Argentina!!!!.

  5. what are those your ancor shoes? so you dont fly away they made you wear then since you went to a M. hospitol and you just dont tell anyone since noone ,,,,anyway looks like you have really cool friend and that really does make me happy for you so ill go now andlike i said , i hope you had alot of fun making that movie.

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