Access Hollywood Live: Winona Spotlight

Sunday, Jan 16, 2011

Last January 13th, the Access Hollywood Live presented a segment featuring Winona, with a brief interview and some glimpses on her previous and current works.
Thanks to my friend Brianne you can watch the video, and see HQ screencaptures in our gallery. Check it:

5 Comments on “Access Hollywood Live: Winona Spotlight”

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  2. God YOU ARE ONE Fine Lookin WOMAN.i know i will always remember this day.i own nothing that is yours but the light that wonders alongside your mystery.

  3. hey i was just guessin, but, i heard her name meant Indian Princess, and then i heard it meant Moon Flower, then i just psycially guessed and thought it means frozen smoke, or frozen smoke ring.Hell i dont know ,i just wish shed tell us someday.

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