Winona Ryder: Best of 2010

Thursday, Dec 23, 2010

Winona Ryder has a great 2010 year, and so we did. As fans all we wanted was a comeback, and it’s here. So, the year is ending and I think it would be cool to compile a list with her best moments of 2010. Feel free to add yours or complete mine. 🙂

Best News
I really can’t tell you what was the most exciting news from 2010. Her good reviews for “When Love Is Not Enough”, she joining a Ron Howard’s movie, the buzz around her comeback because the performance in Black Swan, a SAG and Satellite Awards nomination, or she working together with Tim Burton again. I really cannot choose one, can you?

Favorite Photoshoot

The three shoots she did this year (for Elle, for GQ and the portraits done to Black Swan at TIFF)… all amazing. But when I saw the GQ one, my heart did miss a beat for a while. So beautiful.

Favorite Event Look

Favorite Hairstyle

Favorite Interview
The one done to GQ was the better IMO. Papademas and Winona talked about old subjects without that stupid jokes that came with it.

Best Quote

I’m the type who’d rather not work than work on something I’m not into. I’ve done that a couple of times, and I feel like I can totally see it in my performance.

Favorite Project
Black Swan. I was able to watch “The Lois Wilson History” and was a dramatic and solid interpretation. A very good movie with Winona and Barry Pepper doing an awesome job, both. But “Black Swan”, which I just saw it, is electric. And breathtaking. Winona has just a few minutes on screen, and can blow your mind with her performance.

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  1. yeah it was right now when i said to myself Hey everyone! get off my cloud my chair only fits Nonis beautiful behind “and i went along way to find it so njhxiuewiughtfghewua.

  2. oww man, i think what best of winona in 2010, wasn’t what she did. best of best is winona herself. She feels great so do we. The end of 2010 is the start for Winona …

  3. Here’s the cut (imo):

    *Best News* (in order)
    1. Playing the role of former prima ballerina in Black Swan. (because she’s finally done a movie with Natalie:) 😀 big yay!

    2. Re-Teaming up with Tim Burton. <3

    3. SAG nomination for the Lois Wilson story and Best Cast in a Drama Motion Picture for Black Swan. :love: :love: :love:

    *Favorite Photoshoot*
    I must say the GQ shoot was very heart stopping indeed. But I really love her Elle photoshoot. Especially the first photo from the spread. The one that has the title "Girl, Resurrected". If I'm correct, she's wearing a pink dress…or is lying on pink ruffles. <3 –just lovely.

    *Favorite Event Look*
    Gotham Awards

    *Favorite Hairstyle*
    *hands down*, The AFI fest (same as pictured above:) <3

    *Favorite Interview*
    GQ : just pure honest and even humorous, at times. 🙂

    *Best Quote*
    (SAME as mentioned above)
    "I’m the type who’d rather not work than work on something I’m not into. I’ve done that a couple of times, and I feel like I can totally see it in my performance."

    *Favorite Project*
    Black Swan – Beth gave me unbearable nightmares that lasted for days!!!

  4. I was thrilled with all of her projects, and was extra happy about the SAG and Satellite Awards nominations. 😀

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