The Dilemma: TV Spot and Posters

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010

A TV spot for Ron Howards’ The Dilemma has just surfaced. No new scene that we cannot see previously on the trailer, but, well…

Also check this awesome poster Chris B has found:

Too much photoshop, but still gourgeous, isn’t it? There’s another similar version uploaded in our gallery, check it.

4 Comments on “The Dilemma: TV Spot and Posters”

  1. I just cannot wait to see this movie next month. I’m so looking forwarward to it. I wish ‘Black Swan’ wasn’t in limited release. I’m hoping to see it too. 😀

  2. If you check out the latest incarnation of the official site for The Dilemma, you’ll find several new stills of Winona and the rest of the cast (used as backdrops to the pages and in the images/downloads sections). I found it by searching Dilemma official site on google and limiting results to ones created in the last 24 hours. Happy hunting!

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