TIFF – Press Conference Videos

Monday, Sep 20, 2010

You can find available at TIFF website the whole press conference for Black Swan. Check the video below (thanks so much to Nelly87 for the heads up):

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  1. Noni is such a nervous bird during interviews, which I find very endearing. Enough coffee for you, dear Noni. Hahaha!!!

  2. you did great Noni,,,,can drive ya crazy huh?…just punch em in the nose when they judge you..the girls are just lealous and the guys just wish they had you thats all.we love you Noni.i hope to meet you someday and tell you how much you inspired me to be a great writer. someday Winona.till then just be you.

  3. It was funny towards the end when the other photographers felt left out coz Noni was only facing one side and they went—-“Winona! Please don’t forget us!!!”

    See? Winona is pretty much in demand! Go Noni!

  4. i think she was very anxious. also because she doesn`t have any trust because of all the judgement and shit that was written about her. she doesn`t trust the positive reactions, so she doesn`t know, how to handle it.
    it`s interesting that she almost never look at the press people when she answers a question. she always looks at natalie or the director.
    but because of her shyness i love her more!

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