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Monday, Sep 20, 2010

It took me a while to add captures of this movie because I was waiting for the DVD release. Well, I’m still waiting, no notice about the DVD to be released for us on Brazil.

To Europeans visitors, the movie is out in the Netherlands (Code 2) (check at and it comes this week to Australia (Code 4) – Thanks Simon for the heads up.

The captures will be replaced as soon I have access to a DVD copy of this movie. 🙂

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  1. My DVD still hasn’t been send from – they’ve mailed me that due to high orders on this product shipping is delayed to Thursday at last. Hopefully they get it by then so I can have it for the weekend….

  2. @ vulcannonibird : are you from the netherlands? because here in germany the dvd is much more expensive. but is a dutch site and i wondered if they send out to germany, too.

  3. A mail from has arrived that they were unaible to accuire Stay Cool from the distributor. They try further but can’t predict a delivery date.

    Most other stores have them now listed as “temporarily unavailable” or “delivery time 15-20 days”….)-:

  4. Finally got the movie on DVD from the netherlands.


    The movie reminds me in some ways of Welcome Home Roxy. The only real characters in Stay Cool are Scarlet (Winona) and Henry (Mark Polish) – all other characters are mostly there for fun and quite two-dimensional. Chevy Chase has some seldom but nice pop-in scenes in a Caddyshack kind of way as a little wacky headmaster. Jon Cryer is quite wasted and he isn’t really needed for the story. All actors show fun playing their roles but the movie fails to bring the singular great performances together. Winona’s character somehow reminds me of her portrayel of Charlotte Fielding in Autumn In New York – of course minus the disease.

    The story is about Henry comming back 18 years after graduartion to hold the commencement speach at his high school. Meeting old buddies in town he also meets Scarlet – his schooltime crush. Back in school Scarlet was the starlet of the school who went for the popular sports jock – who turned out to be an asshole treating Scarlet bad. As Henry shows up she has finally split up and after some dates decides not to look back but moves on again.

    If you went to your last school reunion and really thought it was a very bad idea you will like this movie. Also if you were the nerd back then and like to see how the most popular at high school failed.

    Winona plays okay but the role doesn’t hold many challenges. She’s the female lead and in about 30-35 minutes. And even if you have no acting challenges for Winona here at last there are many scenes with Winona in a thight t-shirt sitting on her bed – well something at last for the men…. Roll Eyes

    If someone also wants to order it the DVD is quite plain. Single sided, no extras. Regional code is 2 (Europe) and the disc is not copy-protected.

    @Sandra: I live near Hamburg – delivers to all european countries. Postage fees however are quite high – I paid € 23 for the DVD.

  5. hi, this is riz from malaysia. realli love winona. and recently extremely crazy for her.
    And I’ve got most of her dvds. Left this. any idea where to get dvd code 1?

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