Black Swan: more TIFF portraits

Sunday, Sep 19, 2010

As an addition to this post, more Winona portraits from the Toronto Film Festival have been released and added to our gallery.

9 Comments on “Black Swan: more TIFF portraits”

  1. i`m so glad she`s in a major movie again. not that i like those movies but i think it`s important for her career. and why not having some light fun in the cinema? if it is with winona, i don`t waste my time!
    this time it really feels like, she will make her comeback!!! 😀

  2. i meant “the dilemma” with the sort of movies i normaly don`t like or even watch, not black swan.
    but i`m happy about both.

  3. Bonjour elle représente une etoile et j’ai en mémoire un automne a New Yorck exellent film
    cdlt Bernard <3

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