Black Swan at Toronto – add-ons

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010

More pictures, HQ sized this time (39 additional thanks to Holly):

Also check this video, it was made by Nelly, which was luck enough to attend the screening. Winona appears about 4:30 min.

9 Comments on “Black Swan at Toronto – add-ons”

  1. … fotos novas da Noni … coisa boa … S2
    fazia tempo q eu não curtia essa sensação.
    … valeu Lu

  2. It’s fantastic to see Winona again.
    She is still very beautiful but it looks like she has gained some weight.
    I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Black Swan’ here in Spain …

  3. Winona looks so gorgeous, so happy to see her gain some weight. but i have a question, is she pregnant or what??or maybe because of the dress that she’s wearing,..

  4. Hello! Winona-☆ I was really happy to see you again (^0^) I came back from US recently When I stopped at San Francisco , I said to you Hello ! Noni please take care yourself ! I’m always believing in Winona all the time ☆

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