“When Love is Not Enough” critics

Tuesday, Apr 20, 2010

When Love Is Not Enough is the perfect Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. It has a strong message wrapped up in an interesting story performed by superb actors. Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper star in the story of Lois Wilson (Ryder), wife of Bill Wilson (Pepper) the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Lois was the founder of Al-Anon, the organization for the families of alcoholics. (…)

(…) Ryder has not been seen on screen much lately. This role should bring her back into the public eye. She is perfect for the part — fragile but strong, attractive but not beautiful, loving but not blind. All of the nuances of Lois’ personality are played to perfection by Ryder.

When Love Is Not Enough will air on CBS, Sunday, April 25 at 9PM.

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4 Comments on ““When Love is Not Enough” critics”

  1. HOOORAY!!! Yes, this is a real one for our Winona. How I wish that it’s a movie… Hope that Hallmark will release a DVD for this because I have no access to watch it here :bomb:

    More great news Luciana!!!

  2. “attractive but NOT beautiful”????!!!!!!!! Please, whoever wrote this, check your eyesight… 👿

  3. I think Winona gets sick of being too beautiful on-screen sometimes. I mean, if you saw her in person— her skin is just unbelievable. If she stood still in a mall somewhere, people would probably think she’s a mannequin. She’s a living doll, really. I couldn’t get her image out of my head when I saw her in person a few years ago. Then for days, I kept saying to myself—“I saw Winona Ryder in person!”. I had to have someone pinch me to prove it was all real.

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