Winona on set of Black Swan

Sunday, Dec 13, 2009

Finally we have some pictures of Winona (or her jacket) on set for Black Swan. Thanks Simon for the heads up!

Let’s hope more pics of her pops around.

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  1. man some of you guys sound as hung up on her as me..thats funny..nah,but shes a really cool chick huh?

  2. Its what she’s wearing underneath that wintry hoody coat that really perplexes me. I can’t begin to… Anyhow, more importantly, whats STILL not good is the fact that she continues to be a tabloid target for those snap-happy media idiots. They really need to give her some way overdue privacy. I truly love seeing her in photos but not in this way really. A more professional showing is always the best way — like a model shoot or film premiere.

  3. Generally I agree with you, Wryter. But even at candids Winona always looks splendid. But you can tell her she should do events a little more often. Remeber MET Gala this June: gawd was she stunning!

    On the other hand for an actor or public figure generally it would also be wrong if the media wouldn’t be interested at all….

  4. I wish Winona could get a major movie role where she is the lead character again. That’s why I’m looking so forward to the Hallmark TV movie.

    She looks like she’s ready for a blizzard in these oictures. 🙂

  5. That’s my wish as well and everyone of us, for sure…
    Hey, Miss Winona Ryder, we miss you so much!
    Hope to watch her attending Oscar’s in 2010, at least.

    What’s going on those producers out there? Offer her a real comeback film… And Winona, please accept it because we miiiiisssss you so much!

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