“Water Pills” short clip

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2009

On Justin Mitchell official website there’s a short clip with scenes of Water Pills, the short movie Winona did in 2008. Thanks to virtute for the finding;

WATER PILLS Short Film: I was the Director of Photography on Blake Sennett’s short film ‘Water Pills,’ starring Winona Ryder, Garret Dillahunt, Elisha Cuthbert, and Jasmine Jessica Anthony. We shot the short in early 2008 over 5 days in locations in and around Los Angeles using our newly purchased RED camera, ‘Brooklyn.’

I added video captures to the gallery. Check the video here

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  1. gosh Winona,,it nseems like your fans really love you.you made such an impression that i think your fans would wish to help you no matter what the problem was..to me its how you act in your movies that i love..i have a difficult time wondering if a person could actually be like you and only though seeing you act.somewhere i hope that the characters you play, are you in a way..that would be beautiful.it is why i wish you my muse.never have seen or know anyone close to you.im glad you are in the world and thanks for making me believe in an afterlife..if your here and your real,thensomething as beautiful can exist too. Winona,sorry if it seems strange,to me your like a friend that i never met and i wish i knew….i hope you shoot a game of pool with me in heaven in like a million years or so i guess..i dont think ill ever forget your face.

  2. Noni!!! You look deliciously neurotic as the mother of that child in this short. You are just SUPERB in this short!!! How about a full lenght movie playing this character? Or maybe just a collection of shorts(just like a book, you know?)that will showcase your talent in portraying different roles. That’s my dream movie for you. BTW, I loved the short you did with Kirsten Dunst as well.

  3. nice to hear that she is participating in smaller projects. Even though she looks a bit bad in it, she stil looks good!:)

  4. ok i’ll try but winioninona is really hot ,, i’ should be but, i rek’on my oreiginmal plan is whats best for me and you ,,but if u have ant thing to say ,, ? go ahead ?

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