Stay Cool trailer #2

Wednesday, Dec 9, 2009

Thanks to Chris B for the heads up, here’s the second version of the official Stay Cool trailer, with additional Winona’s scenes.
She’s really cute in this movie…

Synopsis: After 20 years, a successful author Henry McCarthy (Polish) returns to his home town to give a commencement speech, only to fall in love with his old crush Scarlet Smith (Ryder) but is asked to the prom by a sexy high school senior Shasta O’Neil (Duff). Henry faces tough decisions which cause him to consider his love for Scarlet who’s the perfect girlfriend, but when Principle Marshall (Chase) give advise on love things start to become hilariously entertaining.

Added captures in the gallery:

11 Comments on “Stay Cool trailer #2”

  1. Owww, can’t wait any longer for this….

    But honestly I have no high hopes it’ll get to germany – realistically I hope hope for the US or UK DVD. On Lois Wilson the same – there are some german TV stations that do show US TV-movies but it normally takes 2 to 4 years till they hit german stations. My best bet today is Black Swan – Natalie is still a seller here.

  2. This trailer I love it, so New Wave, so 80’s. And Winona’s name on trailer and credit is first.
    I hope should be great at B.O.

  3. And in Italy??????

    “Pippa Lee” on theater 11 december in BULGARIA!!!!!!!!!!!!


    discouragement :cloud:

  4. @Lunis

    I hope you already have the UK DVD of Pippa Lee. Delivery is swift and italy has the same DVD-code as the UK.

    The sad fact is: Winona is in no way able to sell a movie today. Aside from Trek Winona’s last movie shown in cinemas here in germany still is Mr. Deeds.

    But I agree: The trailer feels really good…

  5. @VulcanNonibird

    We should talk because Winona is no longer important films.

    I saw at the cinema actresses playing bad.

    Why Hollywood is out of Winona?

    There must be a reason that we do not know.

    sorry I speak English as act Megan Fox :shutup:

  6. @Lunis

    To be honest: When I talk to colleagues, friends or sometimes people unknown to me at events or travel about Winona most poeple still think one thought first – even if only joking: “criminal”.

    On the other hand I think many poeple would also watch a movie with her if they would be able to watch it.

  7. I hope this website never shuts down. This is the only place I get my Winona info. Keep up the great work.

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