When Love is Not Enough: More on-set pictures

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009

Added 11 more pictures (untagged, this time) of Winona on “When Love Is Not Enough” set. She looks very gorgeous!


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  1. Winona looks so great and so anachronistic with her 20s hair…(-:

    I’ve read CBS plans to show it in April 2010 – hope it’ll come to DVD shortly after for all Winona fans worldwide.

  2. ok sorry Luciana,i dont want to be the idiot.i am a writer,and i know she probably doesnt read any of this.but pretending she does sometimes helps with my writing.she really is alot of my inspiration and yours too i bet as well as alot of others.i will try to stay on the subject more better.what id like to say is im intertested as to why she chose to make this perticular film,and how she feels about it.to me she is very interesting person as well as the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.i just get carried away.again i am sorry thank you for keeping the site going.

  3. Luciana, how do you know she hasn’t ever checked your site? Human being is curious by nature, and although she wouldn’t admit it she’s probably googled herself more than once.

  4. Well, I don’t know. I think she doesn’t. I run other sites and had received emails from the celebrities friends/managers, and never received anything from her so..

  5. She really looks that is enjoying these. And I like her 20 c garcon hair, even when is probably una peluca.

  6. thanks alot, Luciana. We all appreciate your effort! I love this site. Well, I thought Winona isn’t a techi so she didin’t visit this site. I hope she will, though!

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