The Many Girlfriends of Marc Jacobs

Saturday, Nov 14, 2009

Out magazine did today an article talking about the many girls Marc has chosen during the years to make his fashion campaigns, or being an inspiration. Winona, of course, is listed:

Winona Ryder
In 2001, Ryder, the poster child of anti-Hollywood starlets and alienated souls everywhere, was charged with shoplifting from Beverly Hills’s Saks Fifth Avenue. In the onslaught of controversy that followed — which included a show trial — Ryder caught Jacobs’s attention. He thought she looked so cute in the black and white dress she wore to court, he hired her for his 2003 Marc Jacobs ad campaign, shot by Juergen Teller.


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  1. …I just love how these columnists, reviewers and critics display their words and phrases about our lovely Winona, as from the above post snippet — “…poster child of anti-Hollywood starlets and alienated souls everywhere”. Alienated Souls? God grief man, who isn’t alienated at some point. (Although, perhaps we can be from our own souls, yes). This Marc Jacobs surely has a knack for beauty when he sees it thats for sure. And just to add, I thought she looked very (every nice word here) wearing that full white outfit and plum-colored corested-jacket-thing …okay, I’m not a fashion lingoist …bye, bye
    :wassup: :bomb: :cloud: :blush: :love:

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