Winona for C Magazine

Friday, Oct 16, 2009

Winona is cover of November issue of C Magazine, in an absurd stunning picture. The cover is part of her come back, since Pippa Lee is being released on November 27. Click on the thumbnail to see the full cover, and if you’re on USA and have access to this magazine and can scan it to us, PLEASE! I don’t have access to it here in Brazil. Thank you.

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  1. hey Noniyour friendly estranged loving fool here….when you were a kid, did you want to be president some?i mean cause your a girl..and i just wondered if you ever thought that.

  2. I love this website. I don’t know how old are you guys, but I am 12 years younger than Winona and lots of things don’t know about her. But I’m so impressed with her acting talents. I love her like everyone here. thanks for this nice website. I could catch up with her

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