The 100 sexiest movie stars

Thursday, Oct 15, 2009

Not that I care about this things, but it’s IMO unnaceptable that this “most beautiful people” lists never list Winona, as a beautiful woman she is. Empire did the justice, and listed her into the 100 sexiest movie stars, in the position 49 for female. Yup, I know, but we can’t complain, she’s there.

Click above to see the screen:


9 Comments on “The 100 sexiest movie stars”

  1. I LOVE the fact that she is such a Tom Waits fan…. He is my all-time favoite musician. Makes me love her even more (if that even posssible)!

  2. With eyes and hair like hers and perfect skin and how amazing she still looks with her 38th birthday this week she will always be my number one!

  3. Ahm I think She is 1st for me!!!

    She is just old!!!

    I think If she is only in 20’s she will be the First!!!

  4. Winona has been on People’s 50 Most Beautiful People, I think in ’96 or maybe ’97, if I remember correctly. I bought that issue. The picture they had is the black and white picture of her that was from the cover of US magazine’s tribute book to her. I still have that clip so maybe I will scan it one of these days and send it to you, Luciana.

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